redeeming autumn.
i'm just saying...

i love | october edition

As we slowly put the living room back in order there are things I still want to see happen in there - all colorful, all good. Just today we decided to keep the large 'side' table, cut the legs down at the bottom, paint it, give it some new hardware and Voila, a 'new' end table next to the couch - no purchase necessary.

We've also discussed a possible coffee table do it yourself made of crates. Still on the fence, and depending on the sizes of crates I can find. We certainly don't want huge, but something just nestled in front of the couch.

A few more throws, a couple more pillows, a couple more rugs, some lamps, some art work, new curtains (another diy project I'm considering asking someone I recently met at co-op - who sews).

1) Turquoise glass lamp for the living room, 2) Cuisinart Food Processor is high on my want list for kitchen preparations, 3) Chevron Burnt Orange pillow from Target, 4) Give Thanks pillow, 5) Gorgeous rug that will be in my living room sometime soon, 6) and another 'burnt orange' lamp for the living room.