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project life | week 38

Still behind.

And because I've seen others do this and thought, "yeah, that would give me a breather"...I did it too, for week 38. And I'll do it for Week 39 and Week 40 to get caught up.

What did I do?

A one-page project life spread instead of two pages. And I'm sooo ok with that. I'll mean I'll have to work in some more one pagers so the album isn't off, but looking at the last two blurry weeks it won't be a problem.

All I remember about this week was preparations for wood flooring and the flooring going in plus a wonderful date night with Jeff that we squeezed in. That's what happens when I get behind and the days move into one.

And I'm ok with that. Except I really would like to be caught up by the end of the week.