52 gratitudes | 41

project life | week 41

I've read a few posts on project life and how to stay on track and what to do if you do get off track, miss a few weeks because life gets super busy, or your just overwhelmed from life.

The one thing that seemed to be repeated in these particular posts by other project life scrapbookers, who are documenting their own crazy lives every week is, if you get behind complete the most recent week first. So that's what I did. I was a bit more purposeful about photos and catching at least some of our week so I could document the week.

As usual, even on weeks I am not behind, or rushed, or straining to keep up I kept it simple. We are deep engrained in a living room redo with wood flooring and new, but simple color. Some of that color showed up this week in the mail with some pillows and throws full of gorgeous hues. And, our small group came on Saturday and helped Jeff with the wood flooring in the master bedroom. Gorgeous! as Jeff put in the last plank of wood.

The cats give all of us, but especially Jeff, much pleasure. While we still are a family with five cats I wanted to make sure I documented their time with us.

I love my wood floors!!! I love my colorful living room!!!