fall diy projects # 1 | gold leaf painted succulent pots
52 gratitudes | 42

project life | week 42

I think I'm back in the groove and I'm lovin' it.

I still love this project immensely and I see myself continuing to document our lives this way for years to come.

This week, as usual, I kept it super simple using mostly the Seafoam edition of Project Life with some 'matching' additional 3 x 4 journal cards in my digital stash. I also revisited a favorite technique of titling the photos, adding a dividing line, and a short journal piece. It just means I don't need to play with embellishments as the journal 'spot' becomes the embellishment. Fun for me!

I got a kick out of catching John and Jarrod all bundled up, in the house, doing their homework...and those gloves...what a riot! They are such silly gooses sometimes. And sure do make me laugh out loud.

Another busy weekend here at the Bowers household with lots of serving opportunities. Nothing was down to right our bedroom back into order and put the living room back together. Oh well, there is always next week.