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project life | week 43

Wow! Week 43 documented. I love Project Life! If I don't ever scrap again any other way (which isn't going to happen - but if...) I want to continue Project Life. It truly is the photos + the stories.

I kept this week super simple - as per my usual - using elements and papers from Paislee Press's Day Planner kit. Little to no embellishments - just the photos and the stories.

When I ask Jeff to get pictures he does pretty darn good about doing just that. I was able to highlight fully their Saturday filled with working for the Lord by building Bethlehem for our church's Christmas production - the Journey (which is coming up in the beginning of December).

Another week down - and this week I completed quickly, just a couple of hours and called it good. Having it completed on Monday means I can concentrate on documenting the current week. Let's see how this goes.