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it's just a number.

4c26da2baba2896e9f975c6e92306af9Awhile ago we purchased this Eat Smart Precision Plus scale and it has since been my friend. But, quite a few months ago I stopped stepping onto this lovely scale that never hurt anyone. Jeff hasn't abandoned the scale though - just me.

As the end of the year rolls around - and thus, the beginning of a new year, with new, dare I say it, resolutions, or goals, or brave and bold intentions, and I've been thinking about my weight again.

Overall my health has progressively deteriorated. How do I know this? Walking distances is laboring. Working around the house wears me out.

So grudgingly, recently, after my shower one morning, I stepped onto the scale. I know. It's just a number. But, with thoughts of 'getting back into shape' and feeling good again in the forefront of my mind...

I was thrilled to see I hadn't gained any weight. And in fact I had lost a pound from my last weigh in so long ago.

But, it's just a number.

And it has given me the jumpstart and the motivation I need to eat better and walk more and find those opportunities to swim again.

P.S. The number on the scale in the photo above is not my weight - I wish it was though.

project life | week 47


I still love Project LIfe. But, I'm super busy right now and for 2014 I'm going to have to find a way to simplify this project even more, while still putting together a solid year of documenting our life. In the meantime...

Week 47 was mine and Jeff's birthday week and we celebrated big time this year with a trip to Charleston (which by the way is marked off my 50 in my 50th year list now). So many photos of Charleston to plow through - still. I only selected the few that had us but also captured the heart of Charleston at the same time.

For my embellishments I've kept it simple using some Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, and Paislee Press, three of which I applied a varying opacity level so the photo would shine through but still capture the element/words.

The right side was all about the photos. I will be creating a 6 x 12 journal block of the weekend also. I've journaled this way before when I don't have room for the journaling because it is extensive, capturing the entire event vividly.

Week 47 is done. We are already in Week 48 and it is Thanksgiving week so should have bunches of photos from the weekend when we return from family.

30 days of thankful



I'm gonna' try and play catch up - again with Project Life, with my 30 Days of Thankful project, and beginning December Daily on the 1st of December (at least pictures and documentation).

I've got three Christmas gifts to finish that I'm taking south (so I won't have to mail them) and wondering if we're gonna' have to rent a vehicle because our van is in the shop with an unknown problem - well - we know the problem just don't know what the fix is.

I also want to make some scrapbook pages from our weekend trip to Charleston! So much to do and so little time.

currents | november

currently I am...

heading to Florida soon to visit with family.

excited about our trip to Charleston.

hoping the weather is fantastic for walking and carriage riding.

saving for a front porch. And a television. And a new desktop. And...

reading Imitation in Death, Forgotten God, Beyond Band of Brothers, and Indian Captive, and George Washington's Socks. The last two are on the boys' American History reader list. And I just realized I've never blogged their reader list.

feeling excited about the upcoming year and work through my 50 before I turn 51 list.

planning, in the back of mind, on making a December Daily album but not going to prep anything because when I do prep I never follow through. If I just jump in I complete an album. So, I'm jumping in. 

taking my new boots on my upcoming trips and wearing them with dresses.

decided to not take any classes next year but maybe go through the old classes that I still have access to and do them at my own pace.

thanking God for just everything. He is so good! We are truly blessed.

wanting to find an spiritual accountability partner. I have someone in mind and hope it works out.

watching the second season of LOST. Picked it and the first four episodes of the third season up at the library the other day.

paying our credit card off as we go and staying out of debt is very freeing. Thank you Lord for my full time job!

needing to finish strong with Project Life and my 52 Gratitudes project.

wishing everyone blessed Thanksgiving holidays.


project life | week 45

Goin' back in time...

(Who sang it and what movie did they sing it for?)

I think I'm caught up as good as I'm gonna' get, going back as far as I can go. So, I'll just document this week, Week 47, and get back on track. But, here is a glimpse of our week 45 which was so much so centered around the cats.

I'm satisfied with it only being one-page and pleased with how it turned out, using yellows, grays, and white. A one-page layout for a week is quite freeing and not so overwhelming when you're trying to play catch up. But, I should be back to two-page spreads with this week. I just need to be purposeful about documenting life and taking photos.

project life | week 46

Nope. Not caught up. But, I did get a 1-page Project Life page of week 46, which is just this past week. I think I can easily remember what happened with our life for week 45 also - but we'll see. This week, at least, is documented. It was a harrowing week with a bunch of studying for a big Biology exam and a super reward for both receiving A's on their test.

We are down to two cats and they are receiving bunches of lovin'. I used a Week in Review by Cathy Zielske to record our - week in review. Simple, simple page, but it's done.