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I DID IT! I completed this year-long project of documenting our life each week (minus one or two weeks). To say I am relieved is not enough. To say I am grateful is not enough. To say I am ecstatic and grateful and relieved is pretty close to my feelings of accomplishment.

Clean and simple, and lots of white space will be my watchwords for 2014 Project Life.

Yep, I'm continuing Project Life into 2014.

But, this week was about new recipes, Christmas, date night, movies at the theatre, Jeff and the boys making some surprise money from a yard job, finishing a project and just a relaxed week.

Jeff and the boys were working in the yard and the cats were 'around', mostly staying out of their way, but exploring the backyard too.

And so ends our year 2013, documented for all time. Such a wonderful feeling.