30 days of thankful.
52 gratitudes.

project life | week 48


Project Life   |   Week 48 and I still love this project. I realize I am documenting life simply. I've found a grove that works for me right now. With full time work, full time homeschooling, full time life it has to be this way. Does it bother me? Not a bit.

I also realize I head for Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, and Paislee Press products more than any 'freebies' I've found for Project Life throughout the years. Oh yes, I still find a piece of embellishment here or there but my fall back are those amazing designers. And that is ok because I've found my style. Clean and Simple (with just a tiny bit of somethin').

This was a full week of thanksgiving celebration with family and friends - such a really tiring but good week.

Just four more weeks of this year of Project Life and it is time to plan next years project. I probably need to come to some decisions regarding PL - I'll have to think about what next years will look like. Do I maintain status quo? I do know they will be clean and simple and digital. Guess that is enough for now.