project life 2014 | week 4
52 gratitudes | 5

a day in the life.


For my first, a day in the life, I did horribly. I didn't journal like I wanted to and I certainly didn't get everyday photos like I wanted to. I was inspired by Lee to complete a monthly a day in the life this year which, for me, will be added into my Project Life 2014 album, and I will not be deterred by my poor showing this first month. I will prevail. I will overcome. I will journal. I will take pictures. (Imagine me pumping my arm in the air with each alliteration).

My intention was not to journal routine but our day for that day but, that is where my journaling failed. I'll do much better next month. I used, for this month, two different Cathy Zielske 6 x 12 templates. I'll use 6 x 12 templates and insert the left side in front and the right side in back. I'll add it to my Project Life album in the middle of that week that holds our day. I'm pretty pleased with how the pages turned out, but still might do some tweaking for next month - along with journaling and more, many more, photos.

During the week, not matter what day in the life I do, my day begins and ends with work.