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From Week 8, 2013: I loved the photos, the stories, and the simple colors of the pages - black and white with few embellishments; just the way I like it.

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From Week 10, 2013: I loved that I changed up templates. I adore the big photo divided among the smaller photos. Great way to complete a week of few photos yet still capture some of that week.

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From Week 14, 2013: Gotta say my favorite part of this week was the center 3 x 4 journal cards I created using various raw textured papers: bricks, woods, and kraft.

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From Week 13, 2013: Definitely my favorite part of Week 13 is the uniform journal cards across the middle, and the repetitive, color-coordinated embellishments.

< five >

From Week 4, 2013: I love this color combination and the various ways I added journaling (along with those colors).

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From a week in September, 2013: I loved working with one digital kit and the bright colors was a nice change. Of course, my favorite part of this page was the matching journaling cards for each day of the week across the center.

< seven >

From Week 17, 2013: I love the vintage feel of these pages, the burnished gold, and woods. Just love it!

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From Week 24, 2013: My favorite part of this page set is definitely the titles across the photos along with a smaller- sized journaling for each photo, and the use of black and white.

< nine >

From Week 31, 2013: Journaling for every photo + lots of photos; I also love the repetition of the left side and then the repetition of the right side and how they both go together so well.

< ten >

From Week 33, 2013: BIG TITLES! Love them still. I'll definitely repeat this process in 2014.

It was so much fun flipping through 52 Weeks of Project Life 2013 and picking out my favorite 10 pages. When I was saving the weeks I hadn't planned necessarily on just a top ten but when I was done I'd hit 10 favorites. There are tons of pieces of these pages that I'll be repeating in 2014 because they are classic, clean and simple ways to bring wow to my pages.