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putting albums in chronological order.


It has begun.

The long, ardorous process of putting completed scrapbook pages into chronological order and into new albums. I will be using the We R Memories, 12 x 12, Aqua (but it looks Turquoise) classic leather albums. These albums are the best in the market for 3-Ring binders. The albums will hold both sizes of scrapbooking pages, 12 x 12 and 8.5 x 11, so that, all the albums will be evenly sized.

The photo above is of one scrapbook album purged and the pages piled into seperate years. I'm lying them out on the guest room bed - so this will delay my guest room being put back together anytime soon. I also know I don't have enough albums for all the years.

My process for this project is:

1) Putting the 1990's in one pile, both 12 x 12 and 8.5 x 11 - for now. I may need to divide the 90's up into half-decades.

2) The 21st Century scrapbooking pages will get seperate piles for each year up through 2013.

3) If I have room in my 2013 Project Life album to include non-Project Life scrapbook pages I'll include them, otherwise I'll just make another album or begin combining the non-Project Life scrapbook pages for the years that I do Project Life into one album. So, they'll be an album for non-scrapbooking pages beginning with 2013 for non-Project Life pages but will also include, I imagine 2014 also, and maybe even 2015 depending on how many non-Project Life pages I make.

4) Of course, each year of Project Life will have it's own album and they are We R Memories albums as well.

5) Once all of the albums are purged, I will decide, based on how many pages I've made for each year whether that year will get its own album or not. I will need to decide based on how many photos I still have that I could possible scap for that year too because that will probably be another project - scrap chronologically, year by year, all the photos and stories that haven't yet been told to be included in each album.

6) The 'event' albums will remain in one album. So far I have a Boy Scout album (but will need to get another for it), a Cub Scout album (and probably a second for it also), a Disney World album, Jeff's military trips, deployments, temporary duties to foreign countries or other cities in the U.S., and the album that my mom made for us. Of course, I have a bunch of mini-albums that will remain that way as well.

That is my process for putting my albums into chronological order. This project began when I put it on my list of 50 in my 50th year list: 41. Organize scrapbook albums chronologically. I knew this would be a chore and it would also mean that I would need more albums (because I knew I wanted them to all match) plus 12 x 12 and 8.5 x 11 document protectors also.

I worked about an hour and got through three albums. Between the two photos you can see the year-stacks have grown: the stacks here are the 1990s, 2000 - 2006. And I have along way to go based on that stack of albums in the background.

It has been so much fun looking at the pages as I've taken them out of their protectors (which I have to do because the 3-Ring binders use different types of page protectors than the post albums). For instance, in the first photo above, the page entitled, "Write" is a couple pictures of John while he is writing, how he wrote at that age, and then his writing sheet is attached. I love how he sat and held his other hand that wasn't holding the pencil and how much care he took at writing. If he takes his time John still has super neat, albeit small, handwriting at 16, 10 years later, instead of at the age of 6.

And then, so many of the pages I forgot I'd made, and the stories I'd forgot I'd told. I found one of Elizabeth going to the prom with Brad who is now Ashley's husband. I got a kick out of that one.

So excited to see the finalle of this project - sometime in the very near future.