i love | january edition
project life | week 2.

right now.



right now...the weather keeps changing from cold to warm and it's crazy.

right now...I'm already considering John and Jarrod's 11th grade homeschool curriculum and schedule: Science (at Co-op) Meteorology, U.S. Government (Co-op), Economics (Co-op), Physical Fitness/Education (Co-op), Health (home), British Literature (home), Saxon Geometry (home)

right now...looking forward. to my trip to San Antonio and my visit with my grandsons...and Ash & Brad, too.

right now...we got word from the dentist that John has gorgeous, beautifully-straight teeth with no cavities, but they aren't sure why his jaw is popping

right now...I have walked little this month and I need to get into gear and focus on moving more.

right now...my neck and back and thus my head, has been in pain, but I visited the chiropractor for some H2O therapy and a wonderfully painful adjustment and some much-needed relief. Realized I need to not wait 3-4 months between adjustments.

right now...I am watching the new CBS series, Intelligence on Monday nights and season 5 of Justified on Tuesdays, both while I am at work between the busyniess of watching and observing the ever-changing weather

right now...I am so pleased with how our living room has progressed and it's almost done with my eye on two lamps, another large basket for loose pillows, and curtains. I'd also like to paint the inside of the front door.

right now...both cats are coming and going regularly. Brownie whines at the back sliding door on weekends when we've slept in past 5:30 and her breakfast isn't out yet. Quite often, Ears sleeps on the front porch. Brownie rarely does her business in our yard (except back in the marsh area), but, instead, visits two doors down. When it's raining Brownie's spot is the front porch railing and Ears' spot is on the door mat right in front of the front door.

right now...having lunch dates AND date nights with Jeff is just plain awesome!

right now...we are studying the book of Galatians in Small Group...and the just shall live by faith.