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Recently, a gentlemen (I'll call him Bill) rejoined our small home group. Bill used to attend our home group with his wife. And then they stopped coming. Now Bill comes alone. Bill let my husband, as the leader of our home group, know the situation, as much as he could, but mostly the superficial situation. This is ok. Why should he be more open with people he hasn't seen, or talked to for quite some time. But, we are fortunate that my husband gave him some of his time, attention, and ears. Now Bill is coming back to our group. My husband didn't divulge any of what transpired in their conversation with the rest of the group but rather allowed Bill to share when he felt okay.

Last Sunday evening he shared a bit of his situation.

It is a difficult situation. But, a thought that struck me...God is there. Bill isn't focusing on negatives but, instead, is seeking God every step of the way. I was struck by his humility. He spoke about what God had been teaching him in this situation or that, showing him where he went wrong, and his confessions of failure on his part. At no time did he lay blame on anyone but himself. Was he the only culprit? Absolutely not! But, he realized he is responsible for himself and responsible to God, and let God have the other.

It reminded me of times long ago when my husband and I were struggling but the reminder that our marriage vows are a covenant with God first, was the foundation for healing, reconciliation, and thriving.