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camp rainey.

right now.


right now...I am reading the the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker. I'm inspired. I'm convicted. I'm learning.

right now...I have lost 2 pounds in the past month. I'm inspired. I'm energized. I'm excited. I'm motivated.

right now...We are a three computer family. We purchased a new computer because our old desktop is on its last legs, but, we are hanging on to it until it goes.

right now...John and Jarrod are working on their individual Eagle projects, received some amazing instruction, coaching, and mentoring recently and both seem to be really motivated to accomplish great things.

right now...John and Jarrod are ground from electronics (television, ipods, Xbox360) because they failed to accomplish a task required...they were forewarned.

right now...I'm walking again. Boy, do I need it. I know from experience if I just stick with it I'll feel so much better.

right now...I'm in the throws of scrapbooking. I'm putting all the scrapbooking pages into chronological albums that will all match. I'm working on my Project Life album and staying caught up. I'm digitally scrapbooking pieces of our lives, little stories.

right now...I'm researching campsites in northern South Carolina and northern Georgia for possible locations for a family camping trip next month.

right now...I'm anticipating San Antonio, my grandsons, and Ash & Brad (not necessarily in that order) in just days. So excited. Can't wait.

right now...I am thankful for a Small Group who are there when you need help. I am thankful for God's provisions so we can help financially where it is needed. I am thankful for reasonable health costs and care in timely manners.

right now...I am thankful for my lunch dates with Jeff, especially when I'm loosing my weekend ahead with him, and no date night anytime soon.

right now...I am drinking coffee with French Vanilla creamer every afternoon at work, between weather observation, between walking the perimeter, during my reading time.

right now...I'm watching the new television series Intelligence and Season 5 of Justified.

right now...things are good.