project life 2014 | week 12
april menu plan.

right now.


right now I'm considering this painting for over our master bed and deciding on what size I want.

right now I'm pinning indigo blue elements for our master bedroom. I'm keeping the gray walls, all of our wonderfully blue quilts, even the red elements in the room - but adding more indigo blue. It's a good plan.

right now we'll be heading to an engineering firm, with John and Jarrod in Boy Scout uniform to begin discussions and drawing up plans for their Eagle Scout projects. The engineering and architectural firm is donating their services. How amazing is that!

right now homeschool co-op is coming down to the last six-weeks or so and I'm so excited for the upcoming break on Fridays.

right now I am almost done with my chronological album project but hit a slight snag because there are a couple years I scrapbooked so much one year fills an album. So, I need more albums.

right now I am coveting my date nights with Jeff. They are gold in our life. Because of his job (read: boss) we've lost our once a week lunch dates so don't let anyone move in on our dates...or else!

right now I've walked more miles in the month of March than the month of February but no where near what I'd hoped.

right now, and hopefully for the rest of the year, I'm reading through the Bible using a 'read thru the Bible in a year plan' and I am lovin' it. The Lord is showing me so many things in His Word.

right now I am so excited a long ago friend has re-emerged in my life and we had a great beginning lunch date of re-connection.

right now I really need to take more photos of our everyday life. It makes recording life so much easier.

right now I'm planning a photo book of our weekend trip to north Georgia, Smithgall State Park and Anna Ruby Falls. I'm not sure what company I'll use for the book: Artifact Uprising is a definite possibility. But, so is Blurb and of course, Shutterfly.

right now I'm relieved that my first colonoscopy procedure is over and I have the all clear (for 10 years hopefully!)

right now I purchased new tea towels, dish towels, and dish cloths, trashed our old dingy ones and organized our 'towel' holders. I love organizing things. It always feels like a huge accomplishment and frees up my mind for other things - can't explain it - it just does.

right now life is busy but good with Boy Scout Eagle projects, service activities and church, finishing up 10th grade homeschool over the next couple months and planning a relaxed summer.