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happy birthday, mom.

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A huge fan of Mexican food, Chipotle's is a 'chain' restaurant at various locales around the country and it finally made its way to Savannah. Oh my, excitement mounted when we first saw the restaurant tucked away in a strip mall and immediately made plans to visit soon.

Then, our date night was setting up to be a night of pouring down rain and though I wanted to eat at the Boars Head on downtown River Street, the thought of battling the traffic, the parking dilemma, and the pouring down rain trying to make our way on foot to the restaurant, when Hoosier Man suggested Chipotle's I jumped at the idea.

When we took my first bite, we were hooked. You have to be one of those people who loves cilantro though. If you are you are good to go. You know that cilantro is one of those herbs that you either love or you hate and there is no in between.

So, we fell hard for Chipotle's and we'll surely be back. And it's a cheap meal for a date night too.