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52 gratitudes 2014 | 17


A huge fan of Mexican food, Chipotle's is a 'chain' restaurant at various locales around the country and it finally made its way to Savannah. Oh my, excitement mounted when we first saw the restaurant tucked away in a strip mall and immediately made plans to visit soon.

Then, our date night was setting up to be a night of pouring down rain and though I wanted to eat at the Boars Head on downtown River Street, the thought of battling the traffic, the parking dilemma, and the pouring down rain trying to make our way on foot to the restaurant, when Hoosier Man suggested Chipotle's I jumped at the idea.

When we took my first bite, we were hooked. You have to be one of those people who loves cilantro though. If you are you are good to go. You know that cilantro is one of those herbs that you either love or you hate and there is no in between.

So, we fell hard for Chipotle's and we'll surely be back. And it's a cheap meal for a date night too.


menu plan may 2014.

May 2014

Pretty strange not to have even one new recipe in the works for this coming month. Of course, wouldn't you know it; I've been reading a cookbook by G. Gavin I found on the shelves of the library and I've post it noted at the very least 10 recipes that look promising, and easy to make and yummy!

May just might entail the great switcharoo and on weekends I cook surprise everyone with a new, and unique recipe. What I found I liked about G. Gavins' book is the simplicity of the recipes - nothing to tasking, and no strange-for-us ingredients. Several of the recipes I'd like to try include wine in the recipe. I need to do a search of red and white wines to use in cooking. I'm pretty sure it's along the lines of, "if you drink the wine, you can cook with it too".

And, May is busy! A trip to St. Augustine, a boy scout court of honor, last days of co-op finishing up last days tests, and projects, several date nights, a boy scout boston butt cook, and hopefully the return of lunch dates once a week with hubby as he returns to his normal, not so normal, duties.

project life 2014 | week 16


New place to eat. Chipolte's. It was fantastic. The burrito bowls are to die for. New experience. A smashed hand and an emergency room visit. A new pallet of wood for a new handicap bathroom still needing to be built. A new and fresh word from Him who has RISEN!


A pretty darn good week, aside from the ER visit for Jeff. He ended up heading to Ft Stewart by himself - I was already at work and it is one of those jobs I cannot walk away from.


Lots of Ali Edwards' overlays and brushes used. That THANK YOU is mine. I made a couple card sets of pastel colors.

Project Life is the memory keeping system that lets you have a life while still having time to document that life. I have documented every week of our life for 1 year and 16 weeks now. Pretty darn cool! It hasn't gotten old.


currently: april edition


honeycomb studios

drinking water, water, water.

eating homemade roasted tomato basil soup leftovers

embracingthe warmer temperatures...loosely

enjoying my time and conversation with my accountability partner - just us once a week; holding each other accountable 

cooking up May's menu plan

watching past sermons by lead pastor of Christ's Church of the Valley, Jeff Vines

tryingmy hand at making cards to raise money for the boys' Eagle projects

missing my daughters and grandkids

feeling like I'm surrounded in stuff and clutter and uncleanliness

anticipatingmy date tonight with Jeff - can't wait!

needing to get those herbs and at least a tomato plant planted.

wanting to work on getting our master bedroom decorating in blues and white; in particular indigo blues.

listeninghard for the voice of God

reading lots of the Bible...and need to read some 'new' books too.

waiting on the Lord

thinkinga couple trips to the ceramic studio to make some bud vases in 'indigo' for our bedroom is in order. And the boys will be super happy should we go. Even at 16 my twin sons love anything artistic.

payingtaxes, taxes, taxes, and more taxes.

celebrating the end, or near end, of another successful homeschool year

cultivating a friendship through intimate conversation and accountability

stopping the habit of eating snacks at work.




i'm just sayin'...



I've been reading through the Bible...and this keeps coming up


It is a simple concept. If you continuously worry you continuously lack faith. Where there is faith there is not worry.


I never tire of this song or these words.


My most favorite Bible verse. When I became a Christian it was one of the first verses I memorized because the church I was going to sang this in a song.


In my Bible reading I keep reading about this too.


A tender, but loud reminder. I love this verse and all the verses surrounding it.


So true.



I'm just saying...





sons of thunder academy | state of our homeschool address

  Sons of thunder

The State of our Homeschool Address   |

On the backstretch:

The Sons of Thunder are on the backstretch of their 10th grade year. They have tackled American History, American Literature, Spanish III, Biology, Art 3D, Bible, and Algebra II. As we finish homeschool co-op in the beginning of May, American History, Biology, Art 3D, and Bible will be completed for the year.

They should be finishing strong in all four of those classes. Through Bible, they will have memorized multiple scriptures, to include the Sermon on the Mount. American History was tough, but a well-taught and in-depth class. I am thrilled with what they've learned. Because they both love art I was not concerned for the outcome of this class. Their teacher sings their praise for their creativeness and class efforts.

We'll still have about a month of Algebra II and we'll need to continue working through our American Literature selections with appropriate study guides. I am not sure when this class will finish. We'll proceed until we're done. That is one of the beauties of homeschooling. Spanish III is almost complete but they'll continue that into June. With no co-op classes we can concentrate on finishing the year strong.

High school credits

What is next?

Because we have already laid out their entire high school years (with only minor tweeking necessary), planning upcoming years is fairly simple. I have been pretty good about not overwhelming myself - or the Sons of Thunder - by buying too much curriculum (because curriculum is like an attraction to hoarding office supplies), but have, instead, selected a good, solid, well-reviewed curriculum and then followed through. We have been blessed that most curriculum has worked for us over these past few years and have only had to abandon a couple selections (i.e. Lifepak Science - our first year of homeschooling and a John Bunyan Pilgrim's Progress curriculum which we just never started), instead moving on with something else.

On tap for their 11th grade year:

Science: Meteorology with LAB

Math: Saxon Advanced Mathematics

Literature: British Literature (Lord of the Rings Literary Lessons)

Social Studies: US Government plus an at-home US Presidents Unit Study

Driver's Education: Georgia Online Drivers Education

Bible: Beth Moore's Daniel and James

Physical Education: PE through Homeschool Co-op

I was thrilled when a homeschool mom suggested a swap of curriculum, our Exploring American History curriculum (which her son will take next year) for her Exploring Government that her son completed this year and the Sons of Thunder will complete next year. Therefore, we are only left with purchasing Bible curriculum and Drivers Education.

I was also thrilled when I was able to sell to another homeschool mom two-years of Saxon Math curriculum, plus the Biology curriculum to another mom.  God is good!

And here stands our 'state of our homeschool'.


etsy window shopping | my mother's day edition


Mother's Day is next month. I thought I'd make this month's Etsy Window Shopping excursion a display of items I would love for Mother's Day. (Hint. Hint.) Should my daughters, my sons, or my husband see this month's shopping excursion they will have a nice variety of items to choose from that I absolutely want. And - would love as a Mother's Day gift.

I am not ashamed of this. This giving of ideas. I am not ashamed to say that I'd love all of the things on this shopping excursion.

So, here goes.

Up first is this lamp shade. My plan is to go blue and white in our master bedroom with just a hint of red. The blues have a large spectrum, including indigo blue, and I love this shade.

I love this necklace. Especially the rose gold/copperish finish and long. I would want mine to say mercy...walk humbly (my favorite Bible verse).


I am in love with this painting and would like it in the 24 x 36 size. I have the perfect spot for it. Over our bed, between the posts of the bed. The blues and indigos are yummy! Perfect colors for our master bedroom.

There is a story of my heart behind these words. I would love this simply for the reminder of the story each time I would look at it.

I cannot go an Etsy window shopping spree without drulling over handmade crocheted dishcloths. These would be lovely in my kitchen. 3 would be lovely. 6 would be delightful. 9 would be awesome!

I love this print. Definitely in gold. The true.

In keeping with the blue and white theme for our bedroom, I love this pillow. I found many other pillows to love but this one would be nice addition to our room - for a start.

Lastly, I found this mason jar chandelier that I would love to hang over our dining room table. Ingenious.

Another lovely Etsy window shopping experience. Enjoy!






handmade cards. set 2


I'm not sure where my recent drive to create some card sets have come from, except I read a blog post by Becky Higgins about how she writes thank you notes, and other little notes weekly - even in her busy schedule - her goal is at least one note.

This excercise has stuck with my heart. I considered purchasing some thank you notes so I could attempt something similar but decided I wanted to make them instead. I knew it would take more time to begin this project, which I don't know how is going to go, but I just felt handmade cards were going to be best.

Who doesn't like receiving handmade cards? In fact, they are so very personal, and thoughtful, and shows someone you care.

My other set of cards here turned out beautifully - to me anyway. I used the same set of cards as inspiration...


...stuck with pastels (although I'm not a pastel kinda' girl) and just really like how mine turned out.

Digitally created, by me, but they took awhile to adjust to a size, and the colors I wanted to go with. I made two sets of each set of colors (the six colors seen above). I did notice while making them that my, fairly new, printer doesn't handle 'color' very well. Definitely not true to the color set in photoshop elements.

With this set of cards I am spurred on to create more handmade cards and spurred on to write notes and send them.

kids recipe book | update

I put together a couple more recipe cards that have been lingering next to my computer, or recipes we recently tried. One is even a well-used recipe sheet that I just hadn't made a card for.

I'm a bit disorganized with the recipe cards: which still need printed? which need to be sent to the girls? which need to go into my recipe book? which are duplicates and what will I do with them - I know I have many duplicates for whatever reason?

Anyways, here are a few goodies.


I liked these, but the guys could take them or leave 'em - they're carrots, that's why!


This is one of those recipes I've made several times and for some reason never put a recipe card together. We don't eat ours with tomatoes though. Although, I think it would round out a nice meal.


Canned cream corn has nothing on this yummy slow cooker creamed corn. Two tablespoons of sugar was just a bit sweet so for the recipe card I reduced the sugar to 1 tablespoon for the next time we make it. And, we definitely will make this again! So good!


This was a small group dessert. Went together quickly. The bars were soft and chewey and perfect. I even enjoyed it with my wanky taste buds. The boys, not much for sweets (except small group nights) have been finishing off these snickerdoodle bars with an unusual gusto. Guess I'll need to make these again.

I truly need to get organized with these recipes, get new ones printed, get them sent out to the kids, and put into the boys' and my books...and this project goes on the list of things to do.