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  Sons of thunder

The State of our Homeschool Address   |

On the backstretch:

The Sons of Thunder are on the backstretch of their 10th grade year. They have tackled American History, American Literature, Spanish III, Biology, Art 3D, Bible, and Algebra II. As we finish homeschool co-op in the beginning of May, American History, Biology, Art 3D, and Bible will be completed for the year.

They should be finishing strong in all four of those classes. Through Bible, they will have memorized multiple scriptures, to include the Sermon on the Mount. American History was tough, but a well-taught and in-depth class. I am thrilled with what they've learned. Because they both love art I was not concerned for the outcome of this class. Their teacher sings their praise for their creativeness and class efforts.

We'll still have about a month of Algebra II and we'll need to continue working through our American Literature selections with appropriate study guides. I am not sure when this class will finish. We'll proceed until we're done. That is one of the beauties of homeschooling. Spanish III is almost complete but they'll continue that into June. With no co-op classes we can concentrate on finishing the year strong.

High school credits

What is next?

Because we have already laid out their entire high school years (with only minor tweeking necessary), planning upcoming years is fairly simple. I have been pretty good about not overwhelming myself - or the Sons of Thunder - by buying too much curriculum (because curriculum is like an attraction to hoarding office supplies), but have, instead, selected a good, solid, well-reviewed curriculum and then followed through. We have been blessed that most curriculum has worked for us over these past few years and have only had to abandon a couple selections (i.e. Lifepak Science - our first year of homeschooling and a John Bunyan Pilgrim's Progress curriculum which we just never started), instead moving on with something else.

On tap for their 11th grade year:

Science: Meteorology with LAB

Math: Saxon Advanced Mathematics

Literature: British Literature (Lord of the Rings Literary Lessons)

Social Studies: US Government plus an at-home US Presidents Unit Study

Driver's Education: Georgia Online Drivers Education

Bible: Beth Moore's Daniel and James

Physical Education: PE through Homeschool Co-op

I was thrilled when a homeschool mom suggested a swap of curriculum, our Exploring American History curriculum (which her son will take next year) for her Exploring Government that her son completed this year and the Sons of Thunder will complete next year. Therefore, we are only left with purchasing Bible curriculum and Drivers Education.

I was also thrilled when I was able to sell to another homeschool mom two-years of Saxon Math curriculum, plus the Biology curriculum to another mom.  God is good!

And here stands our 'state of our homeschool'.