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four new projects for june.


In order to be creative lists really help me accomplish things. I write them out and check them off and I immediately feel productive - something completely opposite from procrastination, which, by the way, is a strange sort of hold over me in many ways.

Procrastination can rear its ugly head and pretty soon the hour is gone, the day is gone, the week has flown by, and I'm heading into another month. It is a plaguing sin that I even have my accountability partner praying over me, and holding me accountable.

Thus, lists.

These lists also need to be doable lists otherwise I am overwhelmed and - ole' procrastination takes over. Besides my unfinished projects (which is totally another post) I've made a short list of projects I'd like to tackle, accomplish, create, complete to feel like I've rocked it.

First up is 1) diy wax-resist watercolor cards. Two-fold: I try something new. If they turn out I can make more for my card making endeavor to raise money for the boys' Eagle projects.


2) Scrabble tile coasters. Again, two-fold: I try something new and I finish a handmade Christmas present - super early!


3) Learn to marble. Marbling can be used for so many different things the least of which is on paper for making - you guessed it! Cards. But, I mostly just want to try it and see what turns out.


4) An As for Me and My House print. This one is made by Mandi over at Making Nice in the Midwest and I fell for it. I'll make it a bit differently but I'd like to get it done this month, framed and hung also.

My list of four new projects for June isn't overachieving but I'm excited about the new direction of creativity I might see happen as a result of accomplishing these four projects.

I'll let you know how it goes, of course.