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four new projects for june.


In order to be creative lists really help me accomplish things. I write them out and check them off and I immediately feel productive - something completely opposite from procrastination, which, by the way, is a strange sort of hold over me in many ways.

Procrastination can rear its ugly head and pretty soon the hour is gone, the day is gone, the week has flown by, and I'm heading into another month. It is a plaguing sin that I even have my accountability partner praying over me, and holding me accountable.

Thus, lists.

These lists also need to be doable lists otherwise I am overwhelmed and - ole' procrastination takes over. Besides my unfinished projects (which is totally another post) I've made a short list of projects I'd like to tackle, accomplish, create, complete to feel like I've rocked it.

First up is 1) diy wax-resist watercolor cards. Two-fold: I try something new. If they turn out I can make more for my card making endeavor to raise money for the boys' Eagle projects.


2) Scrabble tile coasters. Again, two-fold: I try something new and I finish a handmade Christmas present - super early!


3) Learn to marble. Marbling can be used for so many different things the least of which is on paper for making - you guessed it! Cards. But, I mostly just want to try it and see what turns out.


4) An As for Me and My House print. This one is made by Mandi over at Making Nice in the Midwest and I fell for it. I'll make it a bit differently but I'd like to get it done this month, framed and hung also.

My list of four new projects for June isn't overachieving but I'm excited about the new direction of creativity I might see happen as a result of accomplishing these four projects.

I'll let you know how it goes, of course.

june 2014 menu.

June 2014

In June: tons of new recipes.

In June: adding in some lunches/snacks for the boys and I

In June: keeping small group desserts simple

In June: challenging John and Jarrod with cooking all new recipes too

In June: I can forsee some changes as the summer progresses and we plan family things on the weekend that may influence our meals.

In June: looking forward to adding all those new recipes to our recipe repetoire.

currently | may edition.



drinking  coffee with French Vanilla CoffeeMate creamer - and water.

eating  Roasted Red Pepper turkey and spinach wraps

planning  art projects with the boys this summer

watching  the television series the Pretender

reading  through the book of Psalms, the book In His Steps, and a book by Charles Swindoll, Esther

celebrating  the completion of my big albums into chronological order project. I do need to buy another album for a second 1990s though for an actual completion.

making  handmade cards both stamped and punched styles in hopes of selling

anticipating  a fruitful creative weekend with my men at a Boy Scout campout

awaiting  a print for our master bedroom that I ordered from Italy

saving  for emergencies

hoping  we can find a solution soon to our car situation; make a wise decision.

beginning  the first steps to a Boy Scout digital album (compiling photos)...the road to Eagle.

considering  hard purchasing a FitBit Flex to 'motivate' me to move more.

marveling  at all the marbling techniques, art projects, and crafts found - and really wanting to try this.

looking  forward to summer plans, summer dreams, summer activities checked off our list.




a summer manifesto.

a summer manifesto.

"putting into a list what you (I) want to have happen over the ever-so-short summer months. Setting (declaring) an intention..."  - Ali Edwards

Each summer for the past couple of years I've 'declared' with intention what I what to accomplish over the summer; what I want us, the boys and I, and all of us as a family, to DO over the summer. I want to be purposeful about DOING over the summer. This summer, unlike other summers I am working full time, which limits my time - our time - to do things.

But, it's all about being purposeful and actually making choices to make a summer more and awesome!

Without further summer manifesto:

1. Make a Jackson Pollack work of art with John and Jarrod.

2. Watch the sun rise at the beach, eat at the Breakfast Club, and spend the morning on Tybee Beach.

3. Fresh flowers around the house

4. Play games with the boys.

5. Go berry pickin'

6. Make homemade freezer jam.

7. Homemade peach ice cream

8. Embrace the mornings - do something on even those mornings when I work in the afternoon.

9. Visit the Farmer's Market regularly

10. Fireworks in July

11. Find a 'new (to us)' television series to watch from start to finish (alias, merlin, battlestar galactica, etc.)

12. Have a Low Country Boil

13. Unplug.

14. Make homemade popsicles

15. Create things.

16. Try something new.

17. Paint some pottery.

18. Grill some brats, throw them on brochen's with spicy hot mustard

19. Go to the movies

20. Make homemade lemonade (with our new juicer!)

21. Roast hot dogs (and marshmellows) over an open fire

22. Have a movie marathon night, into the morning with tons of appetizers and munchies

23. Day trips (at least two)

project life 2014 | week 21


Red. White. Blue. Preparing for Memorial Day. Good week spiritually, playfully, family-wise, us. Tough week with Mom in ICU.



Super simple pages. It is my best go-to way to put Project Life pages together. Cathy Zielske templates make it even easier, and some freebies along the way.

After finishing our LIFE albums, chronologically, and then getting in the mail Project Life weeks 1-20, I am super stoked about staying on track, taking more pictures (I took 54 pictures this past week - although many were horrible), and getting the weeks PL done earlier in the week.

52 gratitudes | 21


Jarrod hung our American flag this weekend to honor the men and women who have fought and died for our country. Today, Memorial Day is to remember those ultimate sacrifices. We remember Flight 146, the 3/160th SOAR(A) Chinook helicopter shot down in Afghanistan, with 3/160th and Navy Seals on board sent in for rescuing other Seals - all so dear to Jeff's heart as he knew several on board.

We remember the 4 MPs killed in Somalia, in a convoy, whose lives saved the remaining convoy - including Jeff.

We remember all the 3/160th SOAR(A) soldiers, Delta Force, and Army Rangers who lost their lives on October 3-4, 1993 in Mogadishu, Somalia...and so many more sacrifices.

a thought. | sixteen, Legos, & a lawn care business


Sunday, after church, we stopped in the parking lot to talk with some friend/acquaintances and in the course of our discussion we were sharing how John and Jarrod, at 16 years old, still played with Legos, most kids their age pretty much shunned them, and they were thought of as uncool and didn't want to have anything to do with them, even other 'Christians'. This disclosure was met with - I'll say - judgement. Our boys don't drive yet, they haven't seemed interested other than they certainly seem to know the rules of the road; but, we've also let them know that they won't get their license until their Eagle projects are done. The disclosure of this to this couple we were talking with was met with - I'll say - judgement. Let me pause here to say that we came to this decision to ensure their focus was accomplishing their Eagle project and not split with driving - and all that goes with it.

Because of their experiences through Boy Scouts, and serving at church (with adults), and homeschool co-op, etc. they communicate well with adults. Even when they were younger and they had to visit a speech therapist she would always share with me how enjoyable she found talking with them as they led such exciting lives. Their talk was never about the latest video game but the latest neat activity they did, whether it was camping with family, white water rafting, visiting this museum or that, hitting the beach, and any number of exciting things the boys have been exposed to. They were interesting. Even more currently, a couple that pick them up to take them to and from church, absolutely love the time they travel with them because of their communication skills. They are exciting conversationalists. This couple can't say enough about their maturity and ability to communicate and what they share.

It was clear that this couple we were talking with in the parking lot weighed our sons against their kids and found our sons as wanting and theirs as cool. Their judgement reaked in our midst.

This couple we were talking with couldn't seem to get past the facts that John and Jarrod don't have phones, still play with Legos and guns, and aren't driving yet - at sixteen. I truly felt like they were judging my boys and us in our decisions (regarding phones and driving).

And you know what? Here's a thought:

That's ok. Let them judge.

These same Lego-playing, gun toting sixteen year olds run a neighboorhood lawn care business (with 5-8 yards at any given week). They give first fruits back to the Lord and they save at least 10% of everything they make. They pay one employee 10% of their gross and they pay maintenance and upkeep of the lawn equipment. They are learning amazing accountability and responsibility.

These same 16-year olds have younger kids come to the house wanting to 'play outside' because John and Jarrod give them the time - and go play outside.

These same 16-year olds are in the planning stages of Eagle Scout projects. Only 4% nationally, of all Boy Scouts earn the rank of Eagle.

These same 16-year old boys have built a barn along side their dad.

These same 16-year old boys mow lawns for military families - for free - when the service member is deployed.

These same 16-year old boys memorized the Sermon on the Mount this past semester of school.

These same 16-year old boys serve every Sunday in the technical booth of the children's ministry at church.

These same boys cook an entire meal for the family 4 nights a week. The do laundry, clean bathrooms, clean the house...they sew on patches on their scout uniforms...and so much more.

Here's a thought:

They may be niave, but they are young men who have strong servant hearts, love the Lord, can still be silly and fun, yet are seen as mature in so many ways by adults. I say again, let them judge.

project life 2014 | week 20


For this weeks two-page spread I used an old, but favorite standby and inserted titles and journaling right on the photos. While I had slightly more photos this week I still am struggling getting photos during the week and of US! Really need to figure out a solution. I kept this weeks super clean and simple as well, using one 'set' of freebies I recently downloaded - love the colors; and Ali Edwards Days of the Weeks journal spots. So cool!


It was a busy week - it seemed, but when I went back to journal - not everything came to mind and I'm sure I've missed a bunch of 'life'. Weekends, from Friday-Sunday seem to be our 'busy' life and when the most gets recorded. I think because we are all home.


After our date night (which is always a favorite time for me), my favorite part of the week was Active Shooter Training on Saturday afternoon at our church. Fantastic! We did a bunch of scenarios, a bunch of moving - in ways my body doesn't normally move, and we learned so much. Fun!!!


50 in my 50th year | an update


Just wanted to share a bit of an update of how I am doing with my 50 in my 50th year list. It has been 6 months. I think I'm continuing to do pretty darn good. While I've slacked off a bit regularly reading new books, I've been able to check off a few more items and I think I'm going to finish strong, dating Jeff regularly, 52 Gratitudes is on-going, and while I might not reach 500 miles I am walking more.

Here's my update:

I turned 50 today.

I knew I wanted to make a list of things I wanted to accomplish in my 50th year - before I turn 51. I also knew I didn't want them to be things that were impossible, unforseeable, slightly out there but a list that was doable but challenging in some areas. Different but definitely me. So, here is my list.

50 in my 50th year:

1. Save for a front porch.

2. Visit Charleston. Stay in a Bed and Breakfast. DONE

3. Visit grandsons. DONE

4. Read 30 new books. 11 of 30 DONE

5. Complete a December Daily album. DONE

6. Read through the Bible. On-going

7. Complete a 2-week Daniel fast.

8. Consistently date Jeff. Yep!

9. 52 more gratitudes. On-going

10. Have friends over for dinner once a month. 3 of 12 DONE

11. Walk 500 miles.

12. Complete 4 Bible Studies.

13. Finish my Meteorology album.

14. Update the Recipe Album for the kids. Sort of done; but still needs even newer recipes and new recipes sent to the girls.

15. Go without the internet/computer 1 day a week.

16. Get my haircut/styled and dye my hair red. DONE

17. Lose 20 pounds. 4 of 20 pounds DONE

18. Make homemade Yaki Manju (Mandu) with homemade dipping sauce. Done

19. Learn how to use my camera in manual mode.

20. Go on a photo walk once a month.

21. Make Aunt Shirley's Carrot cake (and pray my taste buds will like it).

22. Drink more water (64oz. a day). On-going

23. Play a game (board game/cards) every week.

24. Make homemade poptarts.

25. Revisit spiritual retreats.

26. Weekend family camping trip. DONE

27. Celebrate our 20th Anniversary somewhere special. DONE

28. Order something from a food truck.

29. Eat at a Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives restaurant. DONE Magnolia Pancake Haus - San Antonio, Texas

30. Take photo booth photos.

31. Find a way to swim again.

32. Visit the Farmers Market.

33. Grow a vegetable - at least one. DONE We planted tomatoes, jalapenos, and red and green peppers.

34. Build a fire pit.

35. Roast marshmellows and hot dogs in the fire pit.

36. Clean out/organize my bedroom closet.

37. Watch all 6 Seasons of Lost. This isn't going to happen.

38. Canning - something (Pickles, Tomato Sauce, Tomatoes, Applesauce - something).

39. Make bread from scratch.

40. Learn how to crochet - or loom.

41. Organize scrapbook albums chronologically. Almost done.

42. Memorize the book of James.

43. Begin a new blog series - documenting the hour (idea came from Ronnie and Liz).

44. Send out Christmas cards.

45. Go on a mission trip.

46. Find an accountability partner. DONE

47. Pray, pray, pray.

48. Roast a whole chicken. Seriously, I've never done this.

49. Go jet skiing.

50. Laugh everyday. On-going