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project life 2014 | week 19





Today, I began reading Mama's Bank Account to the boys. We have already shared laughter.

Today, I ate a Greek Salad with Chicken for lunch.

Today, I drank a sweet rasberry tea, yummy.

Today, I woke up to coffee brewed.

Today, I got stranded in a parking lot.

Today, God was good and Jeff was just down the street and not somewhere far away.

Today, the van leaked radiator fluid for the third time in two weeks.

Today, we discussed buying a vehicle. Today, like any other day I don't like car payments but maybe it is time.

Today, I ate leftover homemade tacos for dinner.

Today, I read, again, the book Promises in Death by J.D. Robb. It is so good.

Today, I graded my homeschool co-op Meteorology class' last LAB test of the school year.

Today, I read the Bible. I was in the book of Psalms. I needed the balm offered.

Today, I walked 2 miles.

Today, Jeff got up a little before midnight to come pick me up from work, interrupting his much-needed sleep.

Today, I would still call it ridiculously amazing.