52 gratitudes 2014 | 19
st augustine.

digital scrapbooking | using what works


Recently, I put together this digital page of a recent date night Jeff and I had, using an Ali Edwards template that I uploaded many years ago as a freebie. I even think it was one of Ali's first digital templates and it was a very early template I ever used.

This template is a classic design for a 12 x 12 page with photos + words, few embellishments. Clean and simple. I love the page I made and the template.

Tree hunt 2009 (2)

I think this is the first time I used the template. I put together a Christmas page of our tree hunting tradition. Same template, a bolder background paper, still clean and simple.


I used what works again for a story of Elizabeth and Ella. No embellishments, super clean and simple. And still pretty awesome.


Again, in 2011, I used the template but played around with some embellishments and because I only had one photo of each of my punks for this story I added a second pattern paper. I love that I can reuse digital templates, make them my own, or keep them the same; change up papers, add a couple embellishments - or not.

Using what works is a good thing in scrapbooking. I've learned this over the years and I am comfortable using what works.