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diy scrabble coasters


Early in my pinning 'career' I pinned scrabble coasters and posted them to my 'Make Someday' board. When I saw them, then, I knew that they would make an awesome gift set while at the same time I get to handmake something.

I recently posted 4 projects, crafts, diy's that I wanted to make in June and these scrabble coasters were on my list. I've had a box of scrabble tiles that I picked up from the scrapbooking store, somewhere, many years ago and have used a couple tiles here and there for scrapbooking pages, or other crafts but making these scrabble coasters really is digging into my stash of scrabble tiles - love it!


I bought a roll of pretty thick cork from Michaels - because I knew I might make more than one set of coasters and E6000 came out with a spray pump bottle. Because E6000 pretty much adheres most anything I thought I'd give it a shot. I love that the spray is very controlled and doesn't spread out like some spray adhesives but unfortunately the scrabble tiles weren't sticking to the sprayed on cork. I think the cork was soaking up the spray too much.

So I pulled out my trusty Aleane's Tacky glue which worked like a charm.

1. I cut the cork a little bigger than the tiles - 4 across and 4 down.

2. I placed four tacky glue dots in a row and adhered 4 tiles at a time. Because the cork wanted to curl (because it was a roll of cork) I had to make sure I was holding both the tiles in place but holding the tiles and the cork flat.

3. Once each row seemed secure enough I would move to the next row up repeating my process.

4. After all 16 tiles were on the cork I laid a heavy book on top and gave it a good hour drying time before I cut the excess cork.

5. I haven't done it yet, but I plan on coating the tiles with a spray polyurethine, or even modge podge.


I had fun with the words, albeit a bit challenging to make 4-letter words within the same 'family'. I now have an entire scrap paper of sets of words ready to make more sets.


I am super happy with how this diy turned out. Plus, they'll make a nice gift.