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project life 2014 | week 23

diy wax-resist watercolor cards


June Project #2: diy wax-resist watercoloring.

This was alot of fun. I want to do some more research on what I can use besides a white crayon. I had less than 1/2 a white crayon in the boys' crayon bag - so that is what I had to use. When I was at Michaels the other day I did try and find a wax 'crayon' which probably would have worked better...I would have probably gotten a smoother writing.

Still, I love how these cards turned out.

My supply list was simple: watercolors, paintbrush, a white crayon, watercolor paper, and water.

I began by playing around with hearts and brushing on various colors with varied levels of color.

The green-blues turned out pretty. I used a green background and then adhered it to the card.

I used an orange backdrop for the purple, pink, orange, and yellows. Looks pretty good.

Excited that I've got two projects down already of my June project goal - and it is still early in the month. I'm sure this project will be something I do more of. wax-resist watercoloring was fun. Wondering if I can use stamps with a Versamark ink and get something similiar with watercoloring as the wax-resist.