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Super cute cloud necklace in sterling silver

What a great idea! Use cloud photos for note cards. I have a ton of cloud photos and they would make awesome 'just a note', 'a note of thanks', 'you brighten my day'...cards

I can always use more good-sized pot holders. Such cute cloud pot holders in thundering black.

I love this set of one-scene cloud photos framed. And another great idea to DIY.

Amazing does not describe this ethereal abstract wall art of 4" blocks of cloud scenes. Gorgeous! So cool.

Always on the lookout for displays of clouds. A bowl of cereal would taste sweet in these bowls.

Cloud pillows would go great in the master bedroom.

This vintage cloud print is interesting. It also makes me see how I might be able to incorporate some of my own cloud photography into our decor. I just need to not be afraid.

It was another lovely shopping experience. Clouds can rock the sky.