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Sons of thunder

It is no secret how we value the importance of the Word of God into the Sons of Thunder's high school curriculum. After this past years homeschool co-op Bible lessons on Paul and David and their extensive memorization of Psalm 51, Psalm 91, and the Sermon on the Mount I knew we had to continue, not just Bible reading, but Bible study. Their homeschool co-op teacher from this past year is not returning to our co-op and no other mom opted to teach a Bible class for the next school year so that meant it was going to be up to me to teach it. I've taught Bible studies for many years so I think I can handle the challenge of teaching my sons.

Having been schooled myself under the expert tutelage of Beth Moore and having completed several amazing studies that could very easily be 'boy' related I knew I wanted to use Beth's studies in our own Bible class. I've chosen Daniel and James. If we have time we'll do Jesus, the One and Only.


I'm positive the boys will eat up the stories within the book of Daniel, some very familiar but they will be able to see them with fresh eyes.


Then there is James. I am so thrilled to have recently done this study myself - but this time I'm diving in to the memorization of the entire book of James, along with John and Jarrod. This book is filled with 'boy' applicable goodness.

Jesus the One and Only

Basically, 1) we'll each have our own copy of the current Bible study, 2) 5 days a week we'll each complete our 'homework' individually (although John and Jarrod often 'collaborate' and bounce answers off each other), 3) we'll listen to the audio lesson at the beginning of each weeks work, and 4) once a week we'll come together and discuss the weeks lesson.

In addition, for Daniel, we will all memorize Daniel 1. And for James, we'll actually attempt memorizing the book of James (just as Beth Moore did). After seeing how the boys tackled memorization this past year I really don't have any qualms about our memorization plans for this year.

I'm really excited about our upcoming Bible study homeschool endeavors. The idea of using Beth Moore's studies for teenagers sounds like a good idea. Beth is a strong, vibrant speaker who can command an audiences attention - I have no doubt my boys will love her humor and lessons.