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diy | marbling.


In June I proposed four projects to accomplish, create, craft to get my creative flowing. While I did accomplish two of those four projects, I didn't learn how to marble.

But, the other day I had some time and I knew if I was going to complete this project, putting aside that fear that wants to rear its ugly head at trying something new, I needed to pull out the supplies needed and create.

I am so glad I did.

Super simple technique for marbling, in my case I used watercolor paper.

1) Fill a container half way, large enough to hold the size of paper, with warm water.

2) Using a combination of any colors pour drops of cheap nail polish into the water. If the water is to hot or you used to expensive of nail polish I found this will not work.

3) The nail polish will spread across the water in a filmy looking layer.

4) Lay your paper gently on the surface of the water. The filmy layer of nail polish will adhere to the paper.

5) Carefully, using tweezers if need be, lift up the paper and lay out to dry.


As you can see the marbling does its own thing. No two papers are alike. There are some darker spots (heavier polish that pooled) and lighter spots. The 'ice' nail polishes from Walmart are what I used that got the best results. I simply used the colors I had on hand but I plan on purchasing quite a few more colors to create more and fashion them into cards that I will also stamp a message onto them.


This was a quick, but creative project and a huge accomplishment that I totally had fun with.