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project life 2014 | week 27


Between trying to stay off the computer so I don't get a headache from neck and shoulder issues and taking absolutely no pictures except fireworks from the 4th of July, and being way behind I am posting project life weeks way out of order. I will, at the very least get one-page spreads up for those weeks 25 and 26.

The camera has been quiet and even life has been somewhat quiet. Our highlight of the week, because both Jeff and I have worked Mon-Thu without really seeing each other. But, we did spend the 4th with my family down south at my sisters where she put on an amazing cookout and my brother put on awesome fireworks - so cool!


Supplies used: some 4th of July freebies, Cathy Zielske templates, and Ali Edwards overlays and brushes. Super simple!


My brother Rich, and his cohort 'in crime' did a wonderful job on the fireworks display with only a few glitches - like the finalle - but it was still 18 minutes of pretty! With the fireworks so close they are really beautiful. This was a great time for Jeff and I and we've talked about maybe heading down again next year since the 4th is on the weekend again.