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september menu plan.

etsy window shopping | the kitchen edition


Oh my! This would make an awesome gift to my girls. Maybe our Tacos recipe. Gonna' have to think about this one.

I want to either make or buy some Peach Jalapeno Jam and serve it to small group for an appetizer - and then I'll eat all the leftovers because Jalapeno Jam with cream cheese and crackers is amazing!

I just broke one of my most favorite mugs and this one looks like the perfect replacement.

Aah! Yeah - of course it is. Bacon. Make my mouth water. I also like the one that says everything is better with Butter.

Colorful dish towels. Lovely. I just want my kitchen to be one of lots of color.

Lovely fruit dish for the counter.

do mercy...walk humbly

ok, it's not for the kitchen but I'd wear it in the kitchen too. And it's what I want for my birthday. In November.