seven degrees of random.
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project life 2014 | week 32


This weeks Project Life is a little different. I used this blog post, Seven Degrees of Random to create a two-page Project Life spread; stories, from the past couple weeks, or a culmination of a story over a period of time.

I kept the pages clean. Simple. I used Cathy Zielske templates and Paislee Press templates. I am working with a few designers these days in an effort to streamline my pages, keeping them first and foremost simple.

Because I just don't have time.


Please ignore the wrong date stamp.

Thank you.

These random little vignettes needed to be told. It's a good idea to put them into Project Life, where I record those random bits of life anyway.


It is just broad strokes of life. Right now. Spread out over our 24-hour days which seem to run together. It is but for a season and I hope to see fresh days soon.