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Lately I have been haphazard about completing Project Life, and other projects to post on my blog. I haven't had the desire to complete them. I am in a creative ruck. I don't like this place because it has also meant I am taking fewer and fewer photos. Actually, that is a big part of my Project Life problem - few photos. I know there are solutions to completing weeks of project life like a broad brush stroke of ones everyday life: favorite foods, what we're watching, what moves us, etc... I'm really considering these directions but I've got to put a plan together...and get somewhat caught up.

"We will live lives of integrity on purpose or we will not live it at all." - Beth Moore. John, Jarrod, and I have begun studying the book of Daniel using the Bible Study by Beth Moore. This is the first book of the Bible we will study for this, their 11th grade school year. Each year since we have begun homeschooling we have included Bible into their studies whether through homeschool co-op or something we've done together at home. This year we are studying Daniel by Beth Moore, James by Beth Moore, and I'm considering Jesus, the One and Only by Beth Moore as well.

Our first week of our study in the book of Daniel showed us how Daniel and his three faithful cohorts resolved not to defile themselves. This led us to much discussion about character, and living a life of integrity on purpose.

I love my (our) truck. I have been driving the new truck regularly to work and around town since we had to trade in our very old van and I have found I love our truck. I love the size, the smooth ride, and since we got running boards getting up into it is super easy. It is white and sleek with sharp chrome features and just beautiful. In fact, Jeff and I have actually had the discussion recently about just getting a second (I mean third truck if we're counting Blue) newer truck and it will be that truck that Jeff will eventually be driving to and from job sites and I'll drive the Dodge regularly, while Blue becomes our at home work truck and the truck the boys will use when they begin driving lessons. All this is sounding just delightful.

We are watching NUMB3RS on NETFlix. When we picked up NETFlix just a couple months ago we began watching the Canadian television series, Flashpoint from Season 1 all the way through Season 5. Then, I found ALIAS and I was ecstatic. Years ago I watched Alias religiously, until the last two seasons when I allowed life to interrupt. Having forgotten most, if not all of the episodes we watched Alias from start to finish. I should interject here that I mostly watched all of the episodes and occasionally Jeff and Jarrod, but John preferred not to watch it. Now, after a couple of old movies never seen, like McClintock, which was fabulous by the way, and the Shadow Riders, and who doesn't love Tom Selleck, we are watching the television series, NUMB3RS. Once again, I've either forgotten all of the episodes or I missed them for one reason or another. The boys love the 'math' involved in the show and keeps them interested, especially the real-life examples that accompany the math equations. We are only on Season 2 so we have quite aways to go.

It looks like we finally have a viable Eagle project. Over a week ago Jarrod visited a local Engineering firm and interviewed with and presented his project to a structural engineer who was willing to donate his services to Jarrod's Eagle project. It was such a huge blessing after two previous disheartening, frustrating, failed interviews through no fault of Jarrod. But, with this firm willing to prepare drawings suitable for a building permit and a material list for the project we are ecstatic beyond measure. With these drawings and materials list, Jarrod can move fairly quickly forward with fund-raising, purchasing of materials, and scheduling dates for the build itself. So excited to see this project come to completion. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

We are reading the Fellowship of the Ring by J.R. Tolkien. It is the first of his trilogy we will be reading together this year for John and Jarrod's 11th Grade British Literature course, Lord of the Rings Literary Lessons by Homescholar. I will and have been reading this first novel aloud, chapter by chapter. The chapters are really long and reading them aloud means about an hour of reading time. Thus, my throat becomes extremely parched and I generally need to take a break before continuing, but, I am determined to keep the boys on track because it is an intensive year-long course but one I am confident they will reach to great heights. This first book, the Fellowship of the Ring, is already a fantastic read and we are engrossed in the illuminating text and visionary story.

Jeff is working long hours. In his new position as Assistant Superintendent (of building sites), Jeff goes into work by 7 am, with the understanding that he first has to make a 45 - 60 minute drive to the present job site. And lately he's been working well- passed closing hours because the current job is working behind schedule. But, I want to share that I am so proud of him and his approach to his new job. No shortcuts. While he might have been told a time or two that he doesn't have to say until the last man standing on the job he does for the safety and security of his company and I am proud of him. Does he miss time with the boys? Yes. Is he tired? Yes. But, he is working as working for the Lord and I am proud of him. We don't know when this will let up, hopefully after this week of work, plus weekend hours. But, he is so sure he is working at the job in the way the Lord would have him that I'm backing him 100% and we'll get by and get over this season of life.