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october 2014 menu plan.


October's menu plan is posted on the refrigerator. The boys love checking out our menu plan for the month, oohing and aahing over what's for dinner over the weeks and what favorite recipes I've added to the menu.

This month's menu will be somewhat up in the air as it is a good bet Jeff and the boys will be gone for a week heading north to Indiana to pack up Mom and bring her home to us. From there we'll have to decide what meals can stay and which need to be replaced to accomodate Mom's eating disability, although many should work just fine and be adjusted to suit.

In any case, I've included a couple new recipes to try - per usual; a couple for our small group and a couple for the boys to try and create.

a small victory.


It was a small victory. I tackled a necessity. It wasn't hard - once it was done. It needed done. There was a niggling fear of uncertainty, the unknown, the desire to procrastinate and put off but I couldn't and so I tackled my fear and I thank the Lord for His faithfulness. It moves us forward. Moves us out of limbo. And checks that off the list.

make a page monday | 8


With a recent sale at Designer Digitals for some of Cathy Zielske's layered templates, I used one of those templates, which unfortunately are 8.5 x 11 templates, to Make a Page Monday. I say unfortunately because I needed to first change her 8.5 x 11 template into a 12 x 12 template because I scrap most often 12 x 12.

It only takes a few minutes in Photoshop Elements to select the various layers and 'enlarge' the layers to accomodate the bigger size page. When I 'enlarge' the photos, I grab all of the photos at once in order to maintain the same spacing between the photos because, hey, this template was created by the genius who is Cathy Z. While I do like white space I also like larger photos and the 12 x 12 page accomodates larger photos better.

This page, Christian Music Day, is our recent visit to Charlotte and Carowinds for the boys' 17th birthday present and the Christian Music Day concert of Building 429, Mercy Me, and TobyMac. For the page, I used only two embellishments (but I'm sure there is some sort of graphic design taboo only using two embellishments and not three) by Ali Edwards Design and the journaling + photos. And called it done. Clean and simple. Love it.

Make a Page Monday is the brain-child of Cathy Zielske a superb graphic designer/scrapbooker extraordinaire and I'm enjoying playing along.

50 in my 50th year | new reads


While I will not be able to check everything off my 50 in my 50th year list I will complete my 30 New Books in my 50th year as I just added new books read 24-26 with The Girls Still Got It by Liz Curtis Higgs, Kingdom Woman by Tony Evans, and J.D. Robbs latest In Death book, Festive in Death (I have them all!!!)

The Girls Still Got It by Liz Curtis Higgs was fabulous to say the least! I am a sucker for any book on Ruth and Liz's writing is absolutely fun and hilarious. I enjoyed this book immensely as it came to Ruth from a totally different angle than other Ruth books I've read or studies.

Kingdom Woman by Tony Evans. Amazing! I have taken note after note. Jeff and the boys will get to enjoy Mr. Evans tonight at the Pivot Conference at the Savannah Civic Center along with Kenny Grant and Cam Huxford - wish I was a fly on the wall.

Festive in Death by J.D. Robb. She hasn't failed yet with her In Death series and I'm a sucker for Eve and Roarke (the main characters in the book). Loved this book. Just really enjoy her books even if some of the writing is repetition (i.e. descriptions of Roarke when she re-introduces the character) - but still - an enjoyable book.

31 things 2014 | transportation


I am slowly plowing through my 31 Things project (for 2014). This week I'll share Transportation and Purchase, at the very least. I realized that these mini-stories from a one word prompt are pretty darn amazing! Ali Edwards, is the brilliance behind this class and idea, and I'm just really thankful for her creativity and willingness to share it and inspire!

jalapeno chicken melts


Jarrod made these the other day and when I called him to ask how they turned out he was so excited by how good they were - like - 'we need to make these regularly good' and then when I had one for lunch - oh my - good is just a mediocre word for the flavor and taste of this slightly spicy, cajun chicken melt. The chicken melt would be just fine without the cajun mayo but main that mayo, topped with chopped pickled jalapeno's takes this chicken melt over the top!