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project life 2014 | week 35


Have you seen Ali Edwards new website. Fabulous! Probably one of the most awesome blogs (and so much more than a blog) I've seen in a long time. She's got new digital products too...I used a couple on this one-page.

I went with a one-page to keep it simple and because I really wanted to complete the weeks Project Life before I got behind again. Still need to be taking more pictures to choose from.

The weekend is still the most-often time I get pictures taken and somehow I need to fix that. Just not sure how. There are photo-a-day lists out there galore but I haven't been able to find that place to just make a pages of Project Life with generic type photos, even though they'll be photos of our life in some way. Just hard to wrap my mind around. Maybe I'll try it soon though.


I still love white, simple, clean, few embellishments but word art. It is truly my go-to way of scrapping Project Life.

Jeff flew to Indiana to visit Mom in rehab. We solidified Mom coming to live with us - now the work begins to make it happen.

The boys and I had an appetizer meal one night watching NUMB3RS all night - yummy!

The boys made homemade laundry soap...we were down to a half a coffee can container.

I caught up on reading the Lord of the Rings because through the week Physical Therapy + errands + a trip to Bluffton for a meeting killed our reading time.

I made homemade popcorn. It's just the best way to eat popcorn. On the stove, in a big pot. And I also made, homemade, a Pina Colada. I was concerned my taste buds wouldn't like it but it was really good. Pineapple, coconut, and rum - yum!