30 days of thankful 2014.
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i want to remember.



I want to remember these past couple months of Bible study with John and Jarrod as we delved into the book of Daniel and resolved to learn. We studied with Beth Moore and her Bible study Daniel. We each had our own workbook and I downloaded the 12 video sessions from Beth.

I want to remember listening to the boys recite their Bible verses...the first Chapter of Daniel. Last year in their Bible class with Jes Light, John and Jarrod memorized among other scriptures, the Sermon on the Mount. Once I knew they could memorize tons of scripture I was excited to have them memorize from the book of Daniel. While Chapter 2, Daniel's prayer is usually the typical memorization scripture for Daniel I liked how Chapter 1 was so applicable for my 17-year old boys.

I want to remember how much they enjoyed listening to Beth Moore's message, digging her style and humor. Beth has a great sense of humor and the boys, on more than one occasion, laughed out loud. It was a joy to hear and I want to remember these times.

I want to remember them repeating the introduction, "We are going to have the ride of our lives..." at the beginning of each video session.

I want to remember our commitment to our lessons and that we let nothing get in our way of our Bible time together each Monday morning for review and the next video session.

I want to remember John and Jarrod's responses to my questions from our lessons, so thought-provoking and aware, and the realization that they 'get-it'. I was encouraged by their answers, some with the intelligence far beyond their years. I realized that this time was not only precious to me but to our Lord.

I want to remember when their Grandma joined us for our last video session of Daniel since moving in with us a week ago. And excited that Mom will be joining us for our next Bible study, by Beth Moore also, the book of James.

I really want to remember when John and Jarrod, shared the book of Daniel with Mom, chapter by chapter without opening their Bibles because they were well-versed with intricate details of each chapter. They took turns on the chapters and I just sat there in the most amazing, giddy, awe at the results of John and Jarrod's resolve to learn. Beth provided a little jiddy, jingle, rhyme made up of catchy Chapter titles to jar the memory about what takes place in each chapter. I used those to 'jar' their memories and they shared their plethora of knowledge about each chapter of the book of Daniel. It was amazing!

I want to remember how excited John and Jarrod got at the prospect of another Bible study - by Beth Moore, of course. James, Mercy Triumphs is our next Bible study that will take us to the middle of December. If we do anything over Christmas break it will be Bible study so I'm considering Jesus, the One and Only after our James study. To be honest, I can't wait!