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Over the years I've set goals to create, or complete a list of items to check off throughout the year. I either begin at the beginning of the new year or sometimes, like last year, I made a list of 50 things I wanted to accomplish in my 50th year. Other years, 13 projects before 2013 or 14 projects before 2014.

Life sometimes gets in the way.

Projects go uncompleted. Items don't get checked off lists.

Then again, sometimes life goes on and projects get completed or items do get checked off. My 50 in my 50th year list had quite a few substantial items checked off that makes me proud.

This year I've got a new plan. It's called CREATE52.

It is a simple plan. Create 52 things before I turn 52. Whether it is a big spur of creativity or just a little, each tidbit of a creation will count because, man, creating 52 things is going to challenge me down to my bones.

But, I'm super excited and I've been pinning, I mean planning, like crazy! I even created a CREATE52 Pin Board just for the occasion. I have a ton of ideas and I can't wait for my first completed project just as much as I can't wait for my 52nd project.

#currents | october edition.


documenting a Week in the Life - of us. So far, not doing too bad at taking photos. Documenting the story is - well - another story.

navigating the changes most recently in our life - the arrival of Jeff's Mom coming to live with us.

looking at my scraproom/office makes me cringe at the work and organization that needs to happen

studying the book of James with John, Jarrod, and Mom. It is our second Bible study this school year. The boys and I will be memorizing the book of James over the next 5-6 months.

reading through the Bible this year and I'm almost finished. I should be done by my birthday

thinking I'm anemic with all of my weird symptoms like eating ice all the time.

planning a new annual project for my 52nd year: CREATE52

watching CSI: NY on Netflix and all the current NCIS's during the week

getting into the excitement of 30 Days of Thankful coming in November.

considering signing up for Ali Edwards Lens of Joy class because I need the push toward using my camera more

enjoying immensely reading aloud The Lord of the Rings to the boys - it is one of our most favorite times of homeschooling

having John and Jarrod in my Meteorology class has been really awesome.

hanging this print in our bedroom

window shopping for rugs for our bedroom

loving the recent restaurants Jeff and I have been trying out on our date nights

wanting to put a WANT list together for my coming birthday - in less than a month, because  -  well  - there are things I want. I'll admit it.

project life 2014 | week 42


Oh my, a crazy, crazy, wild and crazy week. Jeff flew to Indiana, the boys and I got Mom's room finalized, Jeff rented a vehicle, rented a dumpster, plowed through 40+ years worth of stuff, purged, trashed, packed, and moved Mom down here. Jeff and Mom flew in on Thursday after a whirlwind several days. Then we began again with a truckload full of furniture + boxes and our living room was packed to the brim.


I realized after putting the two sides together they don't really go together but you know what - I don't care. The Left side is mostly black and white...


...and lots of color on the right side. Oh, and the week wasn't over when the boxes arrived. Jeff and the boys had the semi-annual Boy Scout boston butt cookout (a 24-hour + fundraising event held in May and October) that happened to be this weekend.


make a page monday | 12


Another page of a recent date night when we visited the Distillery in downtown Savannah. I love finding new restaurants on Trip Advisor and then visiting the new restaurants. We saw some friends the night we visited the Distillery and they said it was one of their favorite places to dine. It wasn't half bad.

I used a template I had in my stash. I clipped in the photos, clipped in three 'matching' patterns of paper, used a photo for my title, and added journaling. Calling this one good too. I love this page because the patterned paper serves as the 'embellishments' and I included Photos + Words. It is all one truly needs to make a scrapbooking page.

Sunday's Letters.


Dear B.C. Thank you for the little things you do. Like morning coffee. And hold my hand. And wrap me up in a hug and snuggle my neck.

Dear John and Jarrod. I love how each day I head out for work one of you carries my bag to the truck and then from the porch you both snap to a salute and hold it until I salute you back. I love these moments at the beginning of my work day.

Dear Fall. I'm so glad you've shown up. You're my favorite time of the year. The crisp, night air and the cool, clear days with just a touch of the warmth from the sun is breathtaking.

Dear Jeff. You did it! Back to back you finished your first job as an Assistant Superintendent (ok, Superintendent!) and you brought Mom home. Well done, good and faithful servant.

november menu plan.


I'm trying to stay on top of things amidst the disarray that is my house as we slowly, and I mean very slowly, unpack Mom's boxes, make decisions on whether to keep and where it goes (household or storage), chuck (ie. trash), or Goodwill. We have boxes already for Goodwill and we aren't anywhere near done.

So, when I found some time on a clear day I could see forever I put together November's meal plan, with a couple Boy Scout - Order of the Arrow campouts thrown in the mix, and then there is Thanksgiving. I will work on Thanksgiving but I'm home at lunch time so we'll shoot for a nice Thanksgiving lunch.

Just a couple new recipes this month: a Parmesan Meatloaf served with Garlic Spaghetti, a Roasted Red Pepper and Gouda soup that I've been wanted to try for ages, and a Tomatillo Ranch Chicken over Rice I'm looking forward to the flavors.

I also found my recipe, that I'd misplaced for years, for Impossible Pumpkin Pie that I'll serve to Small Group. I might even make a homemade Cinnamon Cool Whip.

Yummy meals. And I can't say enough how helpful having a meal plan is to - well - planning meals for the week, or even the day. Do I make changes through the month? Sure. Sometimes even an entire week of changes. But, this plan more often than not is the go-to plan for daily meal planning. 

i want to remember.



I want to remember these past couple months of Bible study with John and Jarrod as we delved into the book of Daniel and resolved to learn. We studied with Beth Moore and her Bible study Daniel. We each had our own workbook and I downloaded the 12 video sessions from Beth.

I want to remember listening to the boys recite their Bible verses...the first Chapter of Daniel. Last year in their Bible class with Jes Light, John and Jarrod memorized among other scriptures, the Sermon on the Mount. Once I knew they could memorize tons of scripture I was excited to have them memorize from the book of Daniel. While Chapter 2, Daniel's prayer is usually the typical memorization scripture for Daniel I liked how Chapter 1 was so applicable for my 17-year old boys.

I want to remember how much they enjoyed listening to Beth Moore's message, digging her style and humor. Beth has a great sense of humor and the boys, on more than one occasion, laughed out loud. It was a joy to hear and I want to remember these times.

I want to remember them repeating the introduction, "We are going to have the ride of our lives..." at the beginning of each video session.

I want to remember our commitment to our lessons and that we let nothing get in our way of our Bible time together each Monday morning for review and the next video session.

I want to remember John and Jarrod's responses to my questions from our lessons, so thought-provoking and aware, and the realization that they 'get-it'. I was encouraged by their answers, some with the intelligence far beyond their years. I realized that this time was not only precious to me but to our Lord.

I want to remember when their Grandma joined us for our last video session of Daniel since moving in with us a week ago. And excited that Mom will be joining us for our next Bible study, by Beth Moore also, the book of James.

I really want to remember when John and Jarrod, shared the book of Daniel with Mom, chapter by chapter without opening their Bibles because they were well-versed with intricate details of each chapter. They took turns on the chapters and I just sat there in the most amazing, giddy, awe at the results of John and Jarrod's resolve to learn. Beth provided a little jiddy, jingle, rhyme made up of catchy Chapter titles to jar the memory about what takes place in each chapter. I used those to 'jar' their memories and they shared their plethora of knowledge about each chapter of the book of Daniel. It was amazing!

I want to remember how excited John and Jarrod got at the prospect of another Bible study - by Beth Moore, of course. James, Mercy Triumphs is our next Bible study that will take us to the middle of December. If we do anything over Christmas break it will be Bible study so I'm considering Jesus, the One and Only after our James study. To be honest, I can't wait!

30 days of thankful 2014.


Each year in November, the month we celebrate Thanksgiving, I participate in 30 Days of Thankful (2012 and 2013) whereby each day of the month I recognize something I am thankful for. Even though the past couple of years I have also celebrated 52 Gratitudes (here and here) I still join Cathy Zielske in her 30 Days of Thankful project and it truly does help move me into the spirit of the holiday season.

While I have used Cathy's digital templates in past years this year I saw this amazing  cover photo of a little album at Artifact Uprising and fell hard for its simplicity and sweetness and decided to replicate it for this years 30 Days of Thankful album.


Photo: Artifact Uprising

I created a 6 x 6 template in Photoshop Elements for each day of the month.


In years past I written a short paragraph of thankfulness but this year I thought I'd keep it simple and include just a word or phrase of thankfulness along with a photo.


I love the template and look forward to participating in 30 Days of Thankful - once again. I have a We R Memory Keepers 6 x 6 Teal album waiting on my shelf to be filled with thankfulness.


Photo: Scrapbook Superstore

Except for my red Christmas albums all of my albums are now the We R Memory Keepers Teal albums plus a couple sentimental albums from the past and a couple 6 x 8 SNAP albums.

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