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project life 2014 | week 42


Oh my, a crazy, crazy, wild and crazy week. Jeff flew to Indiana, the boys and I got Mom's room finalized, Jeff rented a vehicle, rented a dumpster, plowed through 40+ years worth of stuff, purged, trashed, packed, and moved Mom down here. Jeff and Mom flew in on Thursday after a whirlwind several days. Then we began again with a truckload full of furniture + boxes and our living room was packed to the brim.


I realized after putting the two sides together they don't really go together but you know what - I don't care. The Left side is mostly black and white...


...and lots of color on the right side. Oh, and the week wasn't over when the boxes arrived. Jeff and the boys had the semi-annual Boy Scout boston butt cookout (a 24-hour + fundraising event held in May and October) that happened to be this weekend.