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pumpkin cobbler.


Pumpkin Cobbler. Yum! This was another small group dessert. It, however, was not a hit because most of small group are not pumpkin fans. Yay! More for me, because I am a fan! I was very glad there were leftovers. This is my favorite pumpkin dessert, even over pumpkin pie with cool whip. And what is even better is Pumpkin Cobbler is super easy to bake.


30 Days of Thankful | 15


After a very difficult summer, now with Mom having moved in with us, she has been able to take regular walks, sometimes 2-3 times a day. If she was still in Indiana she'd have been closed up in her house with little chance of walking even across the street without battling the sub-freezing temperatures on a regular basis. While we have had some cold days here in Savannah, Mom continues to thrive because of her walks, getting stronger all the time. Her shorter term goal is to make it to the city bus stop and be able to take the bus - somewhere, anywhere. It is something I am thankful for.

aunt shirley's carrot cake.

A few weeks ago I made Aunt Shirley's Carrot Cake, a favorite recipe of my dad's, for our small group that we host on Sunday evenings. I think this recipe has become small groups favorite recipe of all time - just like that. It was, to put it mildly, AMAZING!

I must confess something though.

I added a cup of carrots to the original recipe. Please, don't hate me. I mean what do you do with an extra cup of shredded carrots when you misjudge how many carrots might make just 2 cups. I overcame. I adapted - the recipe, that is.


30 Days of Thankful | 12


At the beginning of the school year we began Daniel (a Beth Moore study) and the boys did amazing going through the Bible study. We began James and decided we'd complete all 5 levels of her study to include memorizing the book of James over the next five months. We'll be finished with James, Mercy Triumphs in another couple of weeks and we'll move right into the book of Esther (the boys decided on doing this study instead of Jesus, the One and Only next). Now, Mom has joined us in our studies too.

I want that!


I WANT THAT!  do mercy...walk humbly (in rose gold)

It is just 2 days until my birthday and so I thought I'd make it super easy on my family to gift me with a fantastic birthday. Just kiddin'!

But I am sharing some awesome possible birthday gifts/ Christmas gifts I've had my eye on.

I would love this mason jar chandelier for over our dining room table - oh my would I!

Love this 'teal' bag, for work, of course, from Lands End.


Oh yes! a watch - and turquoise!

I have wanted a Silhouette Cameo for along time - just in private because I didn't think I'd ever move beyond wanting to really would like - for scrapbooking and card making, since I've begun making cards again.

Another tool for scrapbooking that I'd love is the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch. This would take some getting used to, learning to write on the tablet, but I could use my own handwriting to write on photos, create brushes, and word art. I'd like to see what I can come up with for my digital pages.


A bunch of Shea Cashmere by Bath and Body Works. It's the only thing that works on my dry skin. And I just looked and they don't have my favorite hand soap, bummer!

I would like Karen Russell's A Photographer's Workshop. There are limited seats and they sell fast. I would love to learn from her how to take pictures and take pictures in manual.

I would like this lampshade, custom order, for our bedroom.

All of these 'gifts' would be awesome as Christmas gifts too...hint hint!