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Jeff and I went to Tybee Island for an overnighter for some alone time and celebrate our birthdays. It was a chilly, windy weekend but we had a fabulous time. We were purposeful about collecting sand dune sand, and shells washed up on the beach, stored up memories that we'll always remember (a couple scrapbooking pages coming soon).

I've been putting together plans for my Create52 project and at the top of my list was a mason jar memory display - super easy to diy. Here's what I did:

1. I printed out a favorite photo from our mini-vacation on the beach. I had to print out a second photo because I overcompensated the size of my mason jar. Check that before you hit print - it'll save you photo paper.

2. Gathered my shells, cleaning them up just a bit. And the plastic cup/bag of sand we collected.

3. Cleaned up the mason jar we had tucked away in the garage.

4. Then, I just began layering in the sand first, then the photo and then I placed the shells inside, in front of the photo.

5. Display.

6. Enjoy.