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december 2014 menu plan.

December 2014 Menu

A bit late posting here but I've had our menu plan up since before December. I had to because our month is crazy, crazy. Journey, at Savannah Christian Church, began on the 3rd and Jeff, John, & Jarrod are serving ALL 10 days of the Journey. I am serving only 5 of the 10 days, and Mom and I will go through the Journey on one of the days. This means some meals will be out-to-eat or drive thru.

Jeff is Roman Calvary again this year so he'll be riding a horse - again. Jarrod is a Roman Guard (he purchased his own helmet and sword). With his height, and dropping his voice just a bit he sounds pretty darn stern and gruff. John will be in the blacksmith shop (again, this year) and the carpenter's shop within the city, Bethlehem.

Christmas dinner is Chicken Parmesan again this year. We like the simple dinner change. And once again this year we will have a New Years Eve bash - just family mind you - with tons of food and movies.