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30 new books in 2015 | february.


While I wouldn't call myself a voracious reader by any stretch of the truth, I have begun to enjoy immensely, finding new books to read as I continue my pursuit of reading 30 new books in 2015. My latest reads come from far-reaching genres that could make one curious what really is my favorite type of book to read as there is no similarity with my reading.

24/6 by Matthew Sleeth. All I can say is wonderful. Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy. Oh how we have forgotten that instruction given to us by God. I don't want to forget.

Around the Table by Martina McBride. Yep, the country singer. This is more than a cookbook, but a way to celebrate in a number of ways around the table. It wasn't the recipes I ended up enjoying but Martina's stories and writing.

The Two Towers by J.R. Tolkien. The boys and I are reading this collection for their British Literature course and we have loved every minute.

Life artist by Ali Edwards. When I first picked up this book, many years ago, I bought it for the ideas - the pictures. But, recently I picked it up off my shelf and read it for the words. I enjoyed this immensely.