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stories from the files.


I am trying to put together a power point presentation for John and Jarrod's Eagle rank ceremony that isn't scheduled yet but it will be coming up over the next few I was searching old photos of Boy Scout pictures and while I was doing that got a bit know how it is? It is just all those photos of grandsons calling out to me. Susan, Susan, look at me! Aren't I so cute?

Yep, so instead of putting together that power point presentation...well, I started it and already have a ton of photos but it isn't anywhere near finished...I scrapped those cute photos of my grandson.


And boy is he cute. From 2011, Ian had my heart then, just as he has it now. I'm a goner. I'm smitten, totally completely loving Ian.

It doesn't help when I see these photos.


Missing you to pieces Ian. Heard you were wanting your Grammy and Pop Pop.

I know the feeling.

stories 2015 | road to eagle.


A couple more pages of Jarrod's Eagle project that I've found time to make over the last couple of weeks. A couple Saturdays of very productive work. The weather has been cooperative and Jarrod has done really well directing, leading (and working as needed) his project. So very proud we are seeing a near-completion of a lot of years of a faithful scout.

No worries. We have this Saturday planned for the beginnings of John's project. Oh my! Nothing like juggling two BIG projects at once.


Because it is an handicap access grooming stall part of Jarrod's project, the last part will be to install a paved path from the barn to the grooming stall. They have already prepped the path ready for pavers but they'll need another Saturday of work, or so, before they can lay down the path.



This past Saturday we really saw Jarrod's hard work coming to fruition. The jousts  have gone up, superbly straight and are ready for the beginnings of the roof. Super excited to see the progress.



stories 2015 | you. forever and ever amen.


I wasn't sure if I was ever going to get this page to lay out the way I liked it. I'm pretty darn satisfied, now. I used an Ali Edwards brush, collect moments and used gray ombre down the kraft paper background. Love how it turned out. I scraplifted the idea from Lindsey Bateman (Creative Team Member for Ali Edwards).

The collection of photos of Jeff are a couple of my recent favorites. That man never takes a bad photo, even as he's gotten a little older and his beard is whitening up. Seeing these, and other photos of Jeff, gets me going every time. Love his little smurks for the camera. He knows I love it. Love that I can collect these photos and collect the moments in time as well.

Products: Ali Edwards Brushes, One Little Bird, and Paislee Press.

stories 2015 | rifle shooting.


I used a Cathy Zielske template for this page plus my photos + words. That bullseye is actually one of Ali Edwards Story kit embellishments that I tripled and resized.

Always a fun time for Jeff and the boys. I gotta' say my heart went pitter patter as I watched Jeff shoot. Not sure what got me all hot under the collar but he was so calm and relaxed, like he does this all the time...well he's done it a lot anyways.

Boys didn't shoot well enough to place but they still were happy with their results.

stories 2015 | guilty pleasure television.


My 2015 Guilty Pleasure Television thus far. This is the last season for Justified and I am sitting on the edge of my seat wondering how it's going to end. Loving NETFLIX and being able to go through Blue Bloods season by season or watch old shows like M*A*S*H, with the boys. They are a hoot to watch the show with as their laughter is contagious. State of Affairs is interesting enough to keep my attention, but I'm not necessarily addicted. NCIS: New Orleans is a good show following my all-time love of NCIS. You can't keep a good thing down. When NETFLIX was down a while ago I pulled out the first season of Stargate SG-1 and even though I've seen all 10 seasons a couple times through it has been quite awhile and I just might be ready to watch them again.

I made this page using a template by Ali Edwards plus a twenty fifteen brush. I completely scraplifted the idea from one of her design team members, Teresa Victor. I think this page needs to be duplicated about once every quarter to document my current guilty pleasure television. Yep, this is going to be fun!

stories 2015 | first time geocache.


Trying to go through fairly recent photos, over these past couple months, and scrap some of them. Still working on our trip to San Antonio - still more stories to tell - and the Father-Son Freeze-out - both of which occurred in January.

Again, I used Ali Edwards' Story Kits plus some Cathy Zielske digital products, the template and the geo-cache element.

Jeff and the boys, during the Big Dog competition participated in the Geo-caching event. They had to hunt down, using GPS, four poker chips in an ammunition case scattered all over Black Creek reservation. They found them all with pretty good time. But, it kicked their butts too! They placed third, tied with second though.

stories 2015 | the story of this collection.


Ali Edwards' Story kits are addictive. Since I have subscribed to her monthly kits I have been pulling together individual stories. Stories I've wanted to tell. Some are big, important-to-be-told stories, but others are just reasons why.

This story is a reason why. I just really wanted many pictures of my grandsons to be able to look at regularly. I am so glad I got some really good ones while Jeff and I were in San Antonio in January.

This is Ian.

He's my grandson.

And I miss him so.

These are just a few of my favorite photos of him, with many faces, from that weekend. Unfortunately, scrapping this photo has made me hungry for more Ian and more Wyatt for that matter. Hum...I wonder when I could plan another trip to San Antonio.

Just sayin' is all.

For this page I used Ali Edwards' journal card 'the story of this collection' and a couple embellishments from her Gatherings Story kit, plus a Paislee Press' 3 x4 photo card.