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He is Risen!

30 New Books in 2015 | April


I am continuing with my year-long project of reading 30 New Books in 2015. I read 30 New Books in 2014, a huge success for me since I'd gotten into a rut of simply re-reading books I have on hand and not venturing into new territory. I decided I needed to change that habit. When I completed last years challenge successfully it seemed only natural to continue this year with another challenge. While I didn't change the amount of books to read, I still consider this to be a hefty challenge for me to achieve.

Thus far, I'm doing just fine.

GO Me!

Recently, I've read some amazing reads that I will return to again and again. First up is:

Love Does by Bob Goff. A super easy read because each chapter is like little true stories of how Love Does weaved into each tale. A couple things I didn't agree with, like not studying the Bible, rather he calls it Bible Do, and while I get that, not everything regarding Bible study has application so I fear just hitting the parts of the Bible where it requires action seems to me one can miss the whole Word of God. That being said, this is an amazing book of Love in action - Love Does.

Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. Can I say, oh my!? This book is so FULL of my heart, everything about it that is wrong, that is right, where I need healing, where I'm doing ok. I can see me carrying this book around for a long time re-reading it's fullness of goodness. I'm not sure how to describe how it has touched my heart. I'm also not sure if a chapter has gone by that I haven't cried because it has impacted me so fully.

Satisfied by Jeff Manion.  Super easy read but plenty of action items I can incorporate into my life. I don't often struggle with discontent but these past months I have tremendously - living in frustration and sadness and discontentment and mad. I know some changes need to happen and hopefully I can make some of those changes impact my attitude.

Me Before You. Waste of my time! Don't even remember who wrote it...Jo somebody or another.