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52 Lists series | 20 random facts about me


1. I am retired from the Air Force. It still makes me giddy to say that.

2. Swimming is the only sport I dream about. I recently returned to the pool and cried because it had been over a year since I had swam and I had missed it so.

3. I have lived on 3 of the seven continents: Europe, Asia, and North America. I had to go to another continent to meet the man of my heart.

4. I have visited Paris for a day and would like to return some day. For longer than a day. Maybe, 10 days would be enough. 

5. My favorite food is still my homemade tacos. But, homemade pizza is a close second, Italian Chicken skillet is somewhere at the top of the list, and a new favorite, Salisbury steaks with onion gravy.

6. I love my 2013 Dodge Ram white truck. It is really our truck, but I drive it and Jeff always tells people it's the wife's truck.

7. My favorite color is Turquoise. Still. For a long time now. But, I love my blue, indigo blue, and white bedroom with my red chair, too.

8. My favorite part of me is my laugh. When my hair is cut in a bob and dyed red I like it too.

9. I have rheumatoid arthritis and it is very painful. Debilitating at times. Causes tears at other times.

10. I love the ocean in the early morning hours the best. There's this little breakfast club on Tybee Island that serves up a delicious early morning breakfast.

11. I prefer savory over sweet. Except maybe my Aunt Shirley's Carrot Cake.

12. I drink my coffee with sugar and French vanilla creamer (the Wal-Mart brand, or Coffeemate - not, International Delight).

13. My favorite part of homeschooling my sons has been reading aloud to them.

14. My favorite Christian song right now is 'You Are I Am' by Mercy Me. Besides Christian music I really like '70s music too.

15. My favorite season is Winter. Because it's cold.

16. I do not like beans, except for green beans. I realized, fairly recently, it was because of their texture. They make me gag. I can eat garbanzo beans in hummus, and refried beans if they are extremely smooth.  

17. When I was in high school I had posters of Magnum P.I. hung up in my room and a collection of lions and tigers everything.

18. I have never broken a bone. Thank you, Lord.

19. I don't like being scared. When my husband played Yum, Yum, Eat 'em up with my kids (it's a scary monster, hide and jump out and scare them game) I would go into the den (with the light on and which was off limits to the game). I also, don't like watching scary movies, thrillers, intense suspense movies.

20. I am not religious. I have a relationship with Jesus Christ.