52 Gratitudes 2015 | 16
i want to remember.

52 lists series | 52 favorite movies.


Not my typical scrapbooking pages but since beginning my 52 lists series with a different prompt for each list I thought I'd also challenge myself to create scrapbooking pages where I could rather than just post my lists to the blog. I figured if I make these pages they become a form of documentation of me, in 2015. Who I am, right now.

This is not made up of the best movies of all times - list, but instead, it is a list of movies I love to watch. Some of them I have seen more than once and others I have seen many times and have no problems watching them again and again.

Is this a complete list of favorites? Absolutely not! I probably missed a ton that I'd be able to easily add to favorites but when I was researching favorite movies most of the lists involved some form of well-made, academy award type movies and while those are wonderful they aren't the types of movies I'd call my favorites. Those movies I can easily watch again and again.

Even looking at this list I can tell you which are my favorite, of my favorites. Star Trek is easily in the top 5. Skyfall is right up there too. Can you say Daniel Craig? Yes, I love Olympus Has Fallen. Yes, it's cheesy, but, come on - Gerald Butler. After reading Pride and Prejudice at the beginning of the year I fell for the movie Pride and Prejudice too.

On a side note: I am really enjoying finding prompts for my 52 list series. Here are my others: I love the sound of...  |  20 Random Facts about Me