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I love the sound of...

the crashing ocean waves in the dark of night.

my grandsons chatter in the background when I'm talking to Ashley on the phone.

Ian telling me all about the solar system and the planets.

pouring down rain as it pounds on the roof, and the thunder from a storm.

popcorn popping in a pan as the pan gets so full the popcorn lifts the lid.

laughter that makes your stomach hurt.

children singing a song, but getting it all wrong

a baby cooing in the silence

my teenage sons praying out loud in a group of older men

my students calling out the correct answer to a question because they get meteorology

a cat purring as you snuggle and scratch them

the music from violins

the star-spangled banner when it is sung without pomp and flash, just heartfelt and clear.

a 21-gun salute

the call of cadence

a heart steadily beating

a group of voices singing acapella