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sons of thunder academy | 2015 - 2016 School Year


Our little homeschool, Sons of Thunder Academy, is in our final year of high school. John and Jarrod will be Seniors in the Fall. And the Sons of Thunder are heading to Point University for their senior year in high school. Although we will miss Kingdom Builders Co-op immensely, such a bittersweet parting, our little academy of students are moving forward, onto new and exciting endeavors.

We have enrolled the boys into Point Universities' Dual-Enrollment program at the Savannah campus, which happens to be located at our own church. They will take a Math, English, and Science in the Fall.

College Algebra equates to an Algebra IV. The boys just completed Algebra III this year, thus, perfect timing!

English Composition equates to an AP, or advanced English composition and will fulfill the boys' 4th English requirement, while obtaining college credit.

College Biology I equates to an Advanced Biology and will be taken online, while the other two classes this coming Fall will be taken in the morning on campus (at SCC/Point University). They are not in need of a class with the LAB but I think they have to take the LAB with the Biology class, which will be online as well.

We will continue our Bible lessons at home through Beth Moore bible studies. This year we have taken Daniel, James, Esther, and David. Following David we will do Jesus, the One and Only which will take us into the summer. Our summer course will probably be either Believing God, The Beloved Disciple, or Breaking Free. At some point this school year, their 12th grade year we will complete all three of those studies.

Their winter classes for 2016 will, at a minimum, be an Economics class, probably Macro-Economics, whether they take it at Point University or Savannah Tech, we aren't sure. We may need to transfer dual enrollment to Savannah Tech so Jarrod will be set up for college enrollment in Criminal Justice. He wants to be a Police Officer. We aren't sure what is in store for John, yet. As long as he has a job following high school he doesn't have to go to college, so we will see where his heart lies.

And that is ok. 

All this to say, also, life is changing. Transitioning to a new season. We have been amazingly blessed through Kingdom Builders Co-op through the friendships forged, the unbelievably talented teachers the boys have had, and an opportunity to teach Meteorology - oh my - that has been the best!

So, finishing up our last couple of months April and May and onto bigger opportunities.