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May 2015 Menu Plan

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I grew up with a version of this recipe. My favorite way to eat it was over toast with butter, while everyone else ate the noodles. For some reason growing up I didn't appreciate the taste of store-bought egg noodles. I've modified Mom's recipe some but this is still one of the best poor man's stroganoff.


Because I feel sorry for my sons I've only made Broil Parmesan Tilapia a couple of times but I'd have it on the menu every couple of months if they'd let me because I love it made this way, smothered with parmesan cheese, mayonnaise (I prefer Duke's brand) and butter plus some delightful seasonings, served with rice and a salad. So good!


There's a story with this dressing. It goes like this:

Every quarter the boy scouts have a Court of Honor whereby all the ranks and merit badges are presented to the scouts and prior to the presentations everyone brings pot luck dishes to share. We normally bring homemade Caesar Salad ( a big dish of it), Green Bean Casserole, and Garlic Bread. They are our go-to dishes.

At this last Court of Honor Jeff needed to gather the boys up to go and found John and Jarrod in a circle of the scout moms telling the ladies just how easy it was to make the Caesar Salad Dressing, that it was homemade and they passed on their 'secret' recipe. Jeff got such a kick out of finding the boys sharing the salad dressing recipe with the scout moms after they raved about the salad.


Yes, smothered in butter. Delish!


My friend Margie gave me this recipe after she brought it to our small group gathering and I adored it, especially at a time when I had trouble eating desserts with my skewed taste buds.