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I began my list of PLACES I WANT TO GO pretty easily. These places have been on my mind for a long time. I knew that making this list would be easy. It would also be a short list. Right now, in 2015, since my hubby and I just returned from Charleston, South Carolina these are the 13 places I want to go (not in any particular order):

1) Ireland. After seeing my Mom and my brother and my sisters photos of Ireland, and it has long been on my list of desirable spots to visit, it is a place I would like to vacation.

2) Israel. I asked Jeff if he'd like to go to Israel, since our pastor from our church takes a group every other year, and he said in a couple of years. So, that's a maybe in my book.

3) Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. While I am not necessarily naming desirable vacation spots this has been at the top of my dream place to visit for very long now. Ever since Anne of Green Gables...and because it is different.

4) Paris. I've been there - once. For a day. I would love to go for two weeks or more. See Paris very slowly. Enjoy Paris slowly.

5) an international mission trip.

6) Washington D.C. Seriously, I've never been.

7) an African safari. I just sounds amazing and adventurous!

8) Speaking of adventurous - white water rafting!

9) New York City. Seriously, I've never been.

10) a Caribbean cruise (somewhere beyond the Bahamas)

11) an Alaskan cruise sounds fantastic also

12) Hawaii. Yes, it's common, but wow!

13) Lastly, Equipping the Saints. It is the mission we support and to go I would need to be in remission for the strength to work because it would be a working trip.

Just 13 dream vacations, places I would love to go visit.