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I have been reading The Fringe Hours, Making Time for You by Jessica N. Turner, the author of the blog, The Mom Creative. In the first chapter, pursuing balance, she encourages you to take stock of ones own balancing act by first identifying an average week's responsibilities and activities. Needless-to-say, I was intrigued by exactly what my own list of activities and responsibilities might entail. 

It is a first step in a longer learning process of balancing life, discovering and maximizing my time and ultimately in living well in those fringe hours, or having fringe hours for that matter. 

52 Lists  |  Activities and Responsibilities in an Average Week

Work outside the home full-time  |  Homeschool my sons  |  Manage schedules  |  Pay Bills  |  Doctor's appointments  |  Grocery shopping  |  blogging  |  serving at church  |  attending church  |  Bible study  |  chauffer  |  scrapbooking  |  getting dinners ready  |  spend time with husband (date nights)  |  runs to library, gas station, pharmacy pickups  |  homeschool co-op  |  prepare and teach a meteorology class  |  menu planner  |  handle emails  |  take care of generated paperwork: consent forms, dual enrollment college forms, sign-up forms for camp, insurance forms  |  host a small group  |  prepare desserts  |  prepare breakfast for volunteers  |  read  |  pinning  |  social media  |  late night television

I was astounded by my list. As I wrote, the list grew longer and longer, and I was almost appalled by my activities and responsibilities. No wonder I am always tired and feel overwhelmed. Although I am not necessarily responsible for all of these activities in a given week there are on occasion some very filled weeks that are just plain exhausting.