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bold intentions | may


It has been sometime now that I have attempted bold intentions. When I create a list of goals or plans or intentions I seem to falter in some way. I have realized that maybe it is because my intentions are too bold, even beyond bold for me to accomplish. While they are still bold intentions I will try and keep them more realistic, doable, but still bold and gutsy and with some intentionality.

1. Swim 3 times this month. Lofty, yes. I am not sure how I'll pull this off but I desperately need to swim. The Hunter Indoor pool is closing over the summer (at least closing during the times I would be able to swim) because their lifeguards have to move to the hours the outdoor pool is opened, but they'll return to normal hours in the fall. In the meantime, I've researched pool hours and cost of the aquatic center and I think it is doable, but will require some creative scheduling with my new job hours in the middle of May. I need this for my health most importantly, but also, for me, just me.

2. Create something, anything. My create52 project is behind. I haven't created anything in months. I miss that creative outlet. I've scrapped over these past couple of months and that has kept the creative juices flowing but I'm looking at other bits of creativity with this project.

3. Begin my photo project. I haven't thus far and we are well into the new year it is long overdue that I begin. Big changes in our home that should afford me this opportunity with homeschool ending for the year and new job hours. I hope I can do this.

I would love to add a fourth intention but I just don't see that happening. So, for May these are my bold intentions.